Russian Science Foundation projects

Project 19-17-00181

Quantitative assessment of the slope sediment flux and its changes in the Holocene for the Caucasus mountain rivers

Valentin N. Golosov

Project 19-17-00174

Early developed regions under socio-economic polarization and shrinkage of the active areas in European Russia.

Tatyana G. Nefedova

Project 19-17-00232

Post-Soviet Non-Recognized States: Factors of Viability and Risks for Russia

Vladimir А. Kolosov

Project 17-77-20123

The title of the project: Climate reconstruction based on millennia long tree-ring data from Solovki Island

Ekaterina A. Dolgova

Project 18-77-00083

Reconstruction of the history of the largest lakes in the center of the East European Plain over the last 20 thousand years: the basis for forecasting changes in the lakes ecosystems in the 21st century

Evgeny A. Konstantinov

Project 19-77-10077

Chronology of the paleogeographic events of the south of the East European Plain in the Pleistocene and Holocene: new approaches and methods

Redzep N. Kurbanov ​​​​​​

Project 18-17-00178

The development of the novel concept of land degradation neutrality to assess the effectiveness of the approaches for sustainable land use and climate change adaptation

German S. Kust

Project 19-77-10061

Memory of interfluve landscapes at the last Middle Pleistocene glacial area of the Russian Plain: structure, methodology, and reconstruction

Ilya G. Shorkunov

Project 19-17-00179

Glacial history and catastrophic processes in Russia Altai in the Late Pleistocene - Holocene

Olga N. Solomina

Project 19-77-00103

Geological and geomorphological indicators of changes in atmospheric circulation in the Azov-Ciscaucasian region over the past 150 thousand years

Andrey L. Zakharov

Project 16-17-10236

The impact of climate change on the life activity of the population in Russia ("areas with special climatic conditions")

Aleksander N. Zolotokrylin

Project 17-17-01270

Climate and environmental reconstructions over the last millennium from Mt. Elbrus ice cores in the Northern Caucasus and southern part of European Russia

Vladimir N. Mikhalenko