Lavrentiev Ivan

Senior researcher
lavrentiev [at]
Glaciology Department

Research interests

Radio-echo sounding (GPR), internal structure of glaciers, assessment of changes in spatial extent and surface elevation of glaciers using remote sensing, ice-core drilling, mass balance of glaciers

Study areas

Caucasus, Altay, Polar Urals, Svalbard, Tien-Shan, Russian Arctic, Kamchatka

Selected Publications

  1. Khromova T.Y., Nosenko G.A., Glazovsky A.F., Muraviev A.Y., Nikitin S.A., Lavrentiev I.I. New Inventory of the Russian glaciers based on satellite data (2016–2019). Ice and Snow. 2021;61(3):341-358. (In Russ.)

  2. Elagina, N.; Kutuzov, S.; Rets, E.; Smirnov, A.; Chernov, R.; Lavrentiev, I.; Mavlyudov, B. Mass Balance of Austre Grønfjordbreen, Svalbard, 2006–2020, Estimated by Glaciological, Geodetic and Modeling Aproaches. Geosciences 2021, 11, 78.,

  3. Macheret Y.Y., Glazovsky A.F., Vasilenko E.V., Lavrentiev I.I., Matskovsky V.V. Comparison of hydrothermal structure of two glaciers in Spitsbergen and Tien Shan based on radio-­echo sounding data. Ice and Snow. 2021;61(2):165-178. (In Russ.)

  4. Borisik A.L., Novikov A.L., Glazovsky A.F., Lavrentiev I.I., Verkulich S.R. Structure and dynamics of Aldegondabreen, Spitsbergen, according to repeated GPR surveys in 1999, 2018 and 2019. Ice and Snow. 2021;61(1):26-37. (In Russ.)

  5. Mikhalenko V.N., Kutuzov S.S., Lavrentiev I.I., Toropov P.A., Vladimirova D.O., Abramov A.A., Matskovsky V.V. Glacioclimatological investigations of the Institute of Geography, RAS, in the crater of Eastern Summit of Mt. Elbrus in 2020 Ice and Snow. 2021;61(1):149-160. (In Russ.)

  6. Glaciers and climate of Elbrus / V. N. Mikhalenko, S. S. Kutuzov, I. I. Lavrentyev et al. - St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg, 2020 .-- 372 p.

  7. Lavrentiev I.I., Petrakov D.A., Kutuzov S.S., Kovalenko N.V., Smirnov A.M. Assessment of glacier lakes development potential in the Central Caucasus. Ice and Snow. 2020;60(3):343-360. (In Russ.),

  8. Gulab Singh, Ivan I. Lavrentiev, Andrey F. Glazovsky, Akshay Patil, Shradha Mohanty, Tatiana E. Khromova, Gennady Nosenko, Aleksandr Sosnovskiy, and Jorge Arigony-Neto. Retrieval of spatial and temporal variability in snowpack depth over glaciers in svalbard using gpr and spaceborne polsar measurements. Water, 1:21, 2020.

  9. L. G. Tielidze, T. Bolch, R. D. Wheate, S. S. Kutuzov, I. I. Lavrentiev, and M. Zemp. Supra-glacial debris cover changes in the Greater Caucasus from 1986 to 2014. The Cryosphere, 14:585–598, 2020.

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  11. Chizhova Y.N., Mikhalenko V.N., Vasil’chuk Y.K., Budantseva N.A., Kozachek A.V., Kutuzov S.S., Lavrentiev I.I. Isotopic composition of oxygen in snow-and-firn thickness on the Eastern peak of Elbrus, the Caucasus. Ice and Snow. 2019;59(3):293-305. (In Russian)

  12. Kutuzov S., Lavrentiev I., Smirnov A., Nosenko G., Petrakov D. (2019) Volume Changes of Elbrus Glaciers From 1997 to 2017. Front. Earth Sci. 7:153. doi: 10.3389/feart.2019.00153

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  14.  I.I. Lavrentiev, A.F. Glazovsky, Yu.Ya. Macheret, V.V. Matskovsky, A.Ya. Muravyev. Reserves of ice in glaciers on the Nordenskiöld Land, Spitsbergen, and their changes over the last decades. Led i Sneg. Ice and Snow. 2019. 59 (1): 23–38. (In Russian). doi: 10.15356/2076-6734-2019-1-23-38.

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