Chernov Robert

Research Associate
rob31 [at]
Glaciology Department

Research interests

Glaciology, regional and spatial structure of snow cover, experimental studies of the snow, temperature regime of glaciers, ice-core drilling, surging glacier Kolka (Kazbek mountain)

Study areas: Caucasus, Svalbard, Russian Arctic, Antarctica


Selected Publications:

  • Chernov R.A., Vasilyeva TV, AV Kulikov The temperature regime of the surface layer of the glacier Grёnford East (West Spitsbergen) // Ice and snow. Vol.3. 2015. pp. 38-46/
  • Chernov R.A. Experimental determination of the thermal conductivity of depth hoar // Ice and Snow. 2013. Vol.3. pp. 71 - 77.
  • Osokin N.I., Sosnovsky A.V., R.A. Chernov. Influence of the stratigraphy of the snow cover on its thermal resistance // Ice and snow. 2013. Vol. 3. pp. 63 - 70.
  • R.A. Chernov. Technique color display stratigraphy of snow.  “Ice and snow”, 2010, N 3, pp. 58-62. (In Russian with English summary).
  • R.A. Chernov, O.V. Rototaeva. About the development of post-catastrophic processes in the cirque of the Kolka glacier and the valley of Genaldon (northern slope of the Kazbek massif) // Led i sneg. 2010. № 4. P. 25-29. (in Russian)
  • Chernov R.A., Rototaeva O.V., Muravyev A.J., Kuznetsov E.P. Kolka Glacier in 2010, new data // Ice and Snow. 2011. № 4(116). P. 125–128.
  • Kotlyakov V.M., Rototaeva O.V., Nosenko G.A., Osokin N.I., Chernov R.A. Shifts of glaciers in the Northern Caucasus and the Karmadon catastrophe of 2002. // Lednik Kolka: vchera, segodnja, zavtra. Vladikavkaz: CGI VNC RAN i RSO-A, 2012. P. (in press) (in Russian)
  • Osokin N.I., Sosnovsky A.V.,  Nakalov P.R., Chernov R.A. 2010. Estimation of ablation on glaciers on Shpitsbergen Archipelago in the beginning of XXI century // Ice and snow. M. V. 3. P. 13-18.
  • Osokin N.I., Samoylov R.S., Sosnovsky A.V.,  Zhidkov V.A., Kitaev L.M., Chernov R.A. 2007. Influence of snow cover on a heat exchange with underlying surface // Glaciation in North Eurasia in the recent past and immediate future. Editor-in-chief V.M.Kotlyakov. M. Nauka. P. 15-54.
  • R.A. Chernov. Studies on Spitsbergen. Bulletin IGY, 2009, p. 28-32.