Grachev Alexei

Senior Research Scientist
almgrachev [at]
Glaciology Department

Research interests:

Paleoclimatology, environmental chemistry, reconstruction of the processes in the environment using ice cores and tree rings.

Study regions:Greenland, Siberia; currently joined work on mountain glaciers of Caucasus.

Selected Publications:

  • Babushkina E. A., Vaganov E. A., Grachev A. M., Oreshkova N. V., Belokopytova L. V., Kostyakova T. V., Krutovsky K. V. (in press) The effect of individual genetic heterozygosity on general homeostasis, heterosis and resilience in Siberian larch (LarixsibiricaLedeb.) using dendrochronology and microsatellite loci genotyping. Dendrochronologia.
  • Babushkina E. A., Vaganov E. A., Belokopytova L. V., Shishov V. V., Grachev A. M. (2015) Competitive strength effect in the climate response of Scots pine radial growth in south-central Siberia forest-steppe. Tree Ring Research 71(2), p.106-117.
  • Vaganov E. A., Grachev A. M.,Shishov V. V., Panyushkina I. P., Leavitt S. W.,Knorre A. A., Chebykin E. P., Menyailo O. V. (2013) Elemental composition of tree rings: a new perspective in biogeochemistry. Doklady Earth Sciences453, p. 375–379.
  • Darikova Y. A., Vaganov E. A., Kuznetsova G. V., Grachev A. M. (2013) Changes in the anatomical structure of tree rings of the rootstock and scion in the heterografts of Siberian pine. Trees- Structure and Function 27, p.1621–1631.
  • Touchan R., Shishov V. V., Meko D. M., Nouiri I., Grachev A. M. (2012) Process based model sheds light on climate signal of mediterranean tree rings. Biogeosciences9, p. 965-972, doi:10.5194/bg-9-965-2012.
  • Grachev, A. M., E. J. Brook, J. P. Severinghaus, N. G. Pisias (2009) Relative timing and variability of atmosphericmethane and GISP2 oxygen isotopes between 68 and 86 ka. Global Biogeochemical Cycles 23, GB2009, doi:10.1029/2008GB003330.
  • Grachev A. M., Brook E. J., Severinghaus J. P. (2007) Abrupt Changes in Atmospheric Methane at the MIS 5b-5a Transition. Geophysical Research Letters34, L20703, doi:10.1029/2007GL029799.
  • Kobashi T., Severinghaus J. P., Brook E. J., Barnola J. M., Grachev A. M. (2007) Precise timing and characterization of abrupt climate change at 8.2k B.P. from air trapped in polar ice.Quaternary Science Reviews 26, 1212-1222.
  • Grachev A. M. and Severinghaus J. P. (2005) A Revised +10±4°C Magnitude of the abrupt change in Greenland temperature at the Younger Dryas termination using published GISP2 gas isotope data and air thermal diffusion constants. Quaternary Science Reviews 24, 513-519.
  • Grachev A. M. and Severinghaus J. P. (2003) Determining the thermal diffusion factor for 40Ar/36Ar in air to aid paleoreconstruction of abrupt climate change. Journal of Physical Chemistry 107A, 4636-4642.