Mavlyudov Bulat

Senior Research Scientist
bulatrm [at]
Glaciology Department

The basic directions of scientific activity

Studying of glaciers mass balance, studying of water in glaciers, studying of glaciers oscillatons, glaciospeleology, speleology, paleogeography, karst, protection of caves.

Areas of works: Russian Plain, Caucasus, Tien Shan, Pamir, Urals Mountains, Arctic regions and Antarctic, the Alpes, the Himalayas.

Public work

The representative of Russia in the International Speleological Union.иThe chairman of the commission «Speleology and karstology» of RGO Moscow branch. The associate editor of the collected articles "Cave" and «Speleology and Spelestology». Representative of IGRAS in the Central-Asian Institute of Applied Researches of the Earth (ЦАИИЗ, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan).

The selected publications

  • Mavlyudov B.R., Kononova N.K., Zakharov V.G. Interrelation of ice accidents dynamics in Antarctic and Arctic regions with circulation of atmosphere of southern and northern hemispheres // Slodhnye systemy (Complex systems). № 3 (16), 2015. P. 61-76 (In Russian).
  • Mavlyudov B.R. Glaciological researches on Bellingshausen Ice Dome, King George Island, in 2007/2008 // Arctic and Antarctic. 2015. V. 8 (42). P. 37-69 (In Russian).
  • Mavlyudov B.R. Glacial and a classical karst - similarity and distinction // Geomorphology. Geography questions (Moscow Branch GO of the USSR, Russian geographical society). 2015. V. 140. Moscow: Publishing house «Codex». P. 201-216 (In Russian).
  • Mavlyudov B.R. Cave tourism // The theory and practice of tourism. Ed.: V.M. Kotlyakov, V.I. Kruzhalin, N.V. Shabalina. Geography questions (Moscow Branch GO of the USSR, Russian geographical society), V. 139, Moscow: Publishing house «Codex». P. 332-346 (In Russian).
  • Mavlyudov B.R. Ice mass balance of Bellingshausen Ice Dome in 2007-2012 (King George Island, Southern Shetland Islands, Antarctic) // Sneg I Led (Ice and Snow), № 1, 2014, P. 27-34 (In Russian).
  • Mavlyudov B.R. Analysis of possibilities of isotope researches of flowstones in caves for the chronological purposes // Peshery (Caves): Collection of scientific articles / Natural Science Institute of Perm State national Research University. Perm, 2013. V. 36. P. 31-57 (In Russian).
  • Verkulich S.R., Pushina Z.V., Tatur А, Dorozhkina M.V, Suhomlinov D.I., Kurbatova L.E., Mavlyudov B.R., Savatugin L.M. Holocene environment changes on Filds Peninsula, King George Island (Western Antarctic) // Problems of Arctic and Antarctic. № 3 (93), Sankt-Peterburg: AARI, 2012. P. 17-28 (In Russian).
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  • Mavlyudov B.R. Cave of Bertil Glacier, Spitsbergen: history and the present // Speleology and Spelestology: development and interaction of sciences. The collection of materials of the international scientifically-practical conference. Naberezhnye Chelny: NGPI, 2010/ P. 9-12 (In Russian).
  • Mavlyudov B.R. Drainage systems of glaciers of Spitsbergen. In chapter 4 – Glaciological researches on Spitsbergen Archipelago, in section II - Complex researches of Spitsbergen nature. Science on Spitsbergen. History of the Russian researches. Sankt-Petersburg: Publishing house «Gamas», 2009. P. 260-274 (In Russian).
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