Dolgova Ekaterina

Scientific Researcher
dolgovakat [at]
Glaciology Department

Research interests
Dendroclimotology, paleoclimatology, moraines dating, glacier mass balance reconstruction.
Study areas:Caucasus, Sakhalin, Russian Plain

Selected Publications

  • D’Arrigo R.D., R. Wilson, G. Wiles, K.J. Anchukaitis, O. Solomina, N. Davi, C. Deser, E. Dolgova. Tree-ring reconstructed temperature index for coastal northern Japan: implications for western North Pacific variability // International Journal of Climatology.2015. – V.35 (12).p. 3713-3720.
  • Dolgova E., Matskovsky V., Solomina O., Rototaeva O., Nosenko G., Khmelevskoy I. Garabashi glacier mass-balance reconstruction (1800-2005) based on tree-ring data // Ice and Snow. 2013. – V.1(121), p. 34–42.
  • Solomina O.N., Dolgova E.A., Maksimova O.E. Hydroclimatic reconstructions over the last centuries in mountains of Crimea, Caycasus and Tien Shan based on tree-ring data. Nestor-Istoriya publishing, Moscow, S.-Peterburg. 2012, 232p.
  • Matskovskiy V.V., Dolgova E.A., Solomina O.N. Opportunities of applying tree-ring data to Teberda River runoff reconstruction (AD 1850-2002) // Ice and Snow. 2011. –V.1(113), p. 119-123. (in Russian).
  • Dolgova E.A., Solomina O.N. First quantitative reconstruction of air temperature for the warm period in the Caucasus based on dendrochronological data Doklady Earth Sciences (Russian Academy of Sciences /DokladyAkademiiNauk). 2010. - p. 371-375.
  • Enrico Brugnoli, Olga Solomina, Luciano Spaccino, Ekaterina Dolgova. Climate signal in the ring width, density and carbon stable isotopes in pine (PinusSylvestris L.) in Central Caucasus (2010). GeographyEnvironmentalSustainability, N04, Vol. 03, p. 4-16.