Macheret Yuri

Senior Research Scientist
macheret2011 [at]
Glaciology Department

Area of scientific interests

Glaciers, icethickness, ice volume, dynamics of  internalstructure,hydrothermal state and regime, iceberg calving, radio-echo sounding, geophysical and remote sensing methods.

Selected publications

  • Sosnovsky A.V. Macheret Yu.Ya., Glazovsky A.F.., Lavrentiev .I.I. Influence of snow cover on thermal regime of a polythermal  glacier  in western Spitsbergen.Ice  and Snow, № 3 (T.55), 2015, p. 27-37 (In Riusian).
  • Kutuzov S.S., Lavrentiev .I.I.Vasilenko E.V., Macheret Yu.Ya.,  Petrakov D.A.,Popov G.V. Estimation of ice volume of Great Caucasus glaciers by data of radio-echo soundind  and modeling.Cryosphere of  Earth. T. XIX, № 1, 2015, p. 78-88 (In Riusian).
  • Glazovsky A. F., Macheret Yu.Ya.Water in glaciers. Methods and results of geophysical and remote sensing studies Moscow GEOS. 2014,  528 pp. (In Russian).
  • Vasilenko E.V  Glazovsky A. F.,  Lavrentiev .I.I.,  Macheret Yu.Ya. Changes in hydrothermal structure of  AustreGrønfjordbreen and Fridtjovbreen  in Ive and Snow, № 1 (125), 2014, с. 5-19 (In Rissian).
  • Glazovsky A. F., Macheret Yu.Ya. Radio-echo –sounding  measurements of ice thickness of glaciers in the Arctic. ., Macheret Yu.Ya.MirIzmereniy,  № 7, 2014, с. 10-19(In Rusian).
  • Martin-Español A., Vasilenko E.V., Navarro F.J., Otero J., Lapazaran J.J., Lavrentiev I.., Macheret Yu.Ya., Machio F. Radio-echo sounding and ice volume estimates of western Nordenskiold Land glaciers, Spitsbergen. Annals of Glaciology, doi: 10.3189/2013AoG64A 109, vol. 54(64), 2013, p. 211-217
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  • Glowacki P., Vasilenko E. V., Glazovsky A.F.,  Macheret Yu.Ya., Navarro F., Moore D.C.,  Hagen J.O.  Structure  and hydrothermal regime of  Amundsenisen by data of ground-base radio-echo sounding. Data of Glaciological studies, No 105, 2008, p. 97-104.
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