Koronkevich Nikolay

Head of Laboratory
+7 499 129-04-74
hydro-igras [at] yandex.ru
Laboratory of Hydrology

Scientific qualification

1968    Ph.D degree for the thesis “Transformation of water balance (on the example of Central-Chernozem district, Rostov and Chelyabinsk regions)”

1988    Ph.D degree (Doctor of Sciences  - Doctor Nauk)  for the thesis “Polystructure of water balance of Russian Plain”

Member of Scientific Committees of the Institute of Geography RAS,  Dissertation Committees of the Institute if Geography RAS and Institute of Water Resources RAS, Moscow Department of the Russian Geographical Society, member of the Conservation Section of the Moscow House of Scientists

Associate editor of magazines «News of RAN, series of geographic», «Water resources», «Problems of regional ecology».

Member of  Scientific and Technical Council of Committee for Water Resources of the Russian Federation.

Supervised   18 post-graduates who successfully defended Ph.D. thesis.

Academician of the Academy of Water economy Sciences

Chairman of Hydrological commission of Moscow center of Russian Geographical Society

Repeatedly lectured at the International UNESCO courses, at geography department of Moscow State University and others.


Research interests:

water balance and water resources of the territory, hydrochemistry, hydrological role of watersheds, small rivers, qualitative and quantitative  assessment of water objects conditions, anthropogenic impact on water resources and its hydrological and ecological after-effects

Selected Publications (total about 400):


Common factors of anthropogenic transformation of small watersheds of the steppe of the southern Russia (by the example of the Rostov region). Co-authors Zakrutkin V., Shishkin D., Debts S. Rostov-on-Don, publ. Rostov SU, 2004. 252 p.

Water balance of the Russian Plain and its anthropogenic changes. Moscow, Nauka, 1990. 205 p.

The transformation of water balance. Moscow, Nauka, 1973. 119 p.

Executive editor and author of several articles:

Extreme hydrological situations. M., Media-Press, 2010, 464 p. (with Barabanova E., Zaitseva I.)

Anthropogenic impacts on water resources in Russia and neighboring countries at the end of the twentieth century. M., Nauka, 2003, 368 p. (with Zaitseva I.)


Koronkevich N., Dolgov S., Barabanova E., Zaitseva I. Runoff in the steppe zone // Steppes of Northern Eurasia. Proceedings of the VI International Symposium and VIII  International School-Seminar "Geoecological problems of the steppe regions" Orenburg, IPK "Gazprompechat" LLC "Orenburggazpromservis" 2012. P. 403-405.

Georgiadi A., Koronkevich N., Kashutina E., Barabanova E., Zaitseva I., Dolgov S. Interrelation between climatic and anthropogenic factors in the long-term changes in river flow // Water and Water Resources: System-forming factors in nature and economy. Collection of scientific papers (Ed.. Pryazhinskaya V.). Novocherkassk, SRSTU (NPI), 2012. P. 41-47.

Koronkevich N. Georgiadi A., Jasinski S., Milyukov I., Dolgov S., Barabanova  E., Zaitseva, I., Kashutina E. From landscape and hydrological estimations of the past and present state and changes in the elements of the water balance to scenario calculations of the change in water resources of large river basins of Russia in the XXI century. // Safety problems in the water sector of Russia. Krasnodar LLC "Avanguard Plus", 2010. P. 141-152.

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Koronkevich N., Barabanova E., Zaitseva I., Yasinskii S. The changes in human impact on water resources of the Volga basin // Waters of Volga: the present and the future, management problems. Russian Research and Practice Conference. 3-5 October, 2007. Astrakhan, Astrakhan University, 2007. P.147-151.    

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