Kazantsev Nikolay

Head of Laboratory
kkk [at] geocnt.geonet.ru
kazansev_nn [at] mail.ru
GIS Research Laboratory

Research interests

Geographical information systems (GIS), Spatial Data Infrustructure: organization and effects,  increase of completeness and quality of spatial data on the basis of change of culture of management by the territory.

web-site: geocnt.geonet.ru

Selected Publications

  • Kazantsev N.N. Base spatial data and efficiency of infrastructure of spatial data in the Russian Federation. //The development of the thematic component of spatial data infrastructure in Ukraine. Institute of geography of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.  Kyiv, 2011.
  • Kazantsev N.N., Komedchikov N.N. Cartography and geoinformatics in the Russian Academy of Sciences.  //In: Cartographic Activities in the Russian Federation 2007–2011. National Report to the International Cartographic Association’s 15th General Assembly, Paris, France, 3–8 July 2011
  • Kazantsev N. N. Infrastructure of spatial data and improvement of rules of law.//GIS-association Newsletter № 1(78) 2011
  • Batin B. K. Kazantsev N. N. GIS support for management with the property relations in the territory as a way of highly effective mobilization of the income in local budgets. The property relations in the Russian Federation, 2010, №10, с.71-78.
  • Kazantsev N. N. Structure and features of the description of base spatial data of a road network of the Russian Federation. "Spatial data”N2,3, 2007 г..
  • Kazantsev N. N. "Concept of address system of the Russian Federation". "Spatial data”, N4, 2007 г..
  • Kazantsev N. N., Fleys M. E., YarovykhV.B. Use of diverse spatial data in geoinformation systems//The GIS-review Magazine, 1994, autumn.
  • Liouty A.A. Kazantsev N. N., Plate A.N., Suvorov A.K. Design of systems of signs of thematic maps. М., Institute of geography USSR Ac.of Sciences, 1986. 239 p.
  • GOST R  53339-2009 Base spatial data. General requirements. Moscow, Standardinform, 2009
  • GOST R 52571-2006 GIS. Compatibility of spatial data. General requirements. Moscow, Standardinform, 2006.