Puzachenko Andrey

Leading Researcher
puzak1 [at] rambler.ru
Laboratory of Biogeography

Basic activities

1. Biogeography of the Late Pleistocene-Holocene of Northern Eurasia.
2. Patterns of variability/morphological diversity in vertebrates (particular in mammals).

web-site http://scholar.google.ru/citations?hl=ru&user=SLLH3WwAAAA

Selected publication

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  2. Puzachenko A. Yu., Markova A. K. 2011. Using Multidimensional Analysis and Information Functions for Macro Description of European Natural Complexes in the Second Part of the Late Pleistocene and the Holocene of Europe. Doklady Earth Sciences, V. 437, P.1, P. 380–382.
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  4. Markova A. K., Simakova A. N., Puzachenko A. Yu. 2009. Ecosystems of Eastern Europe at the time of maximum cooling of the Valdai glaciation (24 to 18 ka BP) inferred from data on plant communities and mammal assemblages. Quaternary International 201. P. 53–59
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