Ananitcheva Maria

Leading Researcher
maranan [at]
Glaciology Department

Research interests

Glacioclimatology, fluctuations of glaciers, projection of the evolution of glacier systems, assessment of glaciers by remote sensing, mapping glaciological characteristics of the glacial systems, mountain reserch. Study areas: Byrranga Mountains, Northeast Russia, Koryak Highlands, glacial systems of Chukotka, Russian Subarctic and Antarctic

Leading authorof the international projectSWIPAnd SWIPA-follow-UP;Leading authorof the international project on Arctic AACA;Member of the Associationof CryosphereSciencesInternational Union of Geodesyand Geophysics (IUGG); Member ofthe Intergovernmental Panel onClimate Change(IPCC)

Selected publications:

  • Maria D. Ananicheva& Andrey Karpachevsky  Glaciers of the Orulgan Range: assessment of the current state and possible development for the middle of the 21st century  Environmental Earth Sciences,  August 2015, Volume 74, Issue 3, pp 1985-1995
  • The secondassessment reportabout climate changeand their impacton the territory ofthe Russian Federation.2014. Roshydromet, Section 4.The impact ofclimate change onnatural land systems.Leadauthors -AnanichevaM.D., Krenke A.N.
  • M.D. Ananicheva, G.A. Kapustin A.Y. Mikhailov Glaciers of Meynypilgynsky Range: current status and forecast of the glacier systems evolution, 2012. // Ice and snow. N 2 (118), 40-50
  • M.D. Ananicheva The current state of the glaciers of the Koryak Highlands and evaluation of their evolution to the middle of 21st century, 2012 // Ice and snow.N 1 (117), 15-24.
  • Terry V. Callagan, Margareta Johansson, Jeff Key, Terry Prose, Maria Ananicheva and Alexander Klepikov. Feedbacks and Interactions: From the Arctic Cryosphere to the Climate System // Ambio Vol. XL, Suppl.1 2011. P. 75-86
  • M. D. Ananicheva, A. N. Krenke, and R. G. Barry The Northeast Asia mountain glaciers in the near future by AOGCM scenarios, 2010 // The Cryosphere, 4, 435-445
  • Ananicheva M.D. and Krenke A.N. (2008) Evolution of fields of the glaciological parameters at glacier systems in the North-East Siberia. In: Changes of natural environment and climate: natural and possible consequent human-induced catastrophes. Vol., Part 2. Natural processes in polar regions. Ed. V. M. Kotlyakov, IG RAS Publishing, Moscow, pp. 125-133
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  • YuriyKononov, Maria Ananicheva and Natalia Davidovich. Northern Eurasia response on global climate change. – Proceeding of the 2nd International Symposium on Arctic Environment Tokyo 20-26 February 2000, Mem. Nat. Inst. PolarRes., Spec. Issue, 54, 2001
  • Ananicheva M.D., Davidovich N.V. Glaciation of the Suntar-Khayata Ridge at climatic optima. – Proceeding of the International Symposium “Atmosphere-Ocean-Cryosphere interaction in the Okhotsk sea and surrounding environment”, Sapporo, 12-19 December 2000, Japan.