Dolgov Sergey

Senior Research Scientist
svdolgov1978 [at]
Laboratory of Hydrology

Research interests

Vertical hydrological and hydrochemical structure of the river basin and the features of the functioning of its elements (vegetation, surface, vadose zone and the saturated zone). Spatiotemporal analysis of the water balance elements, simulation series of their average values. Estimation of linkage and relationships between the elements of the water balance during different water content years. Automation of the construction of maps of various water balance indicators. Hydrochemical and new methods of evaluation of the state of water resources. Study of negative hydro processes and determination of allowable impact on river catchments.

Selected Publications

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 Dolgov S. The role of spatial and vertical heterogeneity of watersheds in the state of water quality // Collection of scientific works of the XIV Congress of Russian Geogr. Society, December 11-14, 2010, St. Petersburg, Volume IV, Part 3. P. 353-360. Electronic version (CD)

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