Georgiadi Alexander

Leading Researcher
galex50 [at]
Laboratory of Hydrology

Scientific qualification

Dr. Georgiadi is one of the organizers and active participants of several international scientific programs in Russia: international field experiments in Central part of Russian Plain (including KUREX-88 and KUREX-91 based on RAS-NASA agreement) and GAME/Siberia program in Eastern Siberia, 1995-2004 (he was member of GAME International Science Panel and co-chair of international Working group on GAME/Siberia), IPY (2007-2008). Since 2005 he is RAS-NEESPI (the Northern Eurasian Earth Science Partnership Initiative) project officer. He is Scientific Board Member of the International Geoscience Programme (IGCP).

His research projects have been funded by the USSR and Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Ministry of Science and Education, Russian Fund on Basic Research, International Science Foundation, Japan GAME Committee, etc. Main objectives of recent projects in Russia (headed by Dr.Georgiadi) are to estimate hydrological consequences of global climate changes in past, present and in future for different spatial and temporal scales.

He has lectured at universities and research Institutes in China, Japan, Germany, the USA, at International Hydrological courses of UNESCO (Moscow). Не organized several international workshops and conferences and he took part in more than 80 Russian and International conferences and Workshops.

Dr. Georgiadi stayed during 3 months in Japan as visiting professor (1998, Nagoya University) and 10 months in Republic of Korea (1998-1999, Meteorological Research Institute, Seoul, Korea-Russia manpower exchange project).

Dr. Georgiadi has authored more than 140 research papers, sections in books, monographs and presentations. Compiler and editor of three monographs and proceedings of meetings and International GLOCOPH 2000 Conference.

Research interests

Hydrological Consequences of Global Climate Changes: model and field studies for hydrological consequences of global climate changes during past epochs and at global climate warming (NEESPI, IPY, GLOCOPH); Permafrost zone Hydrology: field studies, landscape analysis of hydrological processes (NEESPI, GAME/Siberia Program); Soil Hydrology: meso- and  microscale variability of soil moisture and water-physical properties (KUREX-88 and KUREX-91); Peak Snow Flood Discharges: geographical analysis and estimation of peak spring discharges for Russian plain rivers; Hydrology of Forest-steppe and Desert: experimental and model studies of hydrological element heterogeneities within the international field experiments KUREX-1988 and KUREX-1991 (Central part of Russian Plain); USSR-Mongolia biological expedition, 1984-1986 (field studies in Gobi Desert)

Selected publications

Georgiadi A.G, Koronkevich N.I., Kashutina E.A., Barabanova E.A., Zaitseva, I.S., Dolgov S.V. On the relation between climatic and anthropogenic factors in the long-term changes in river flow. Water and Water Resources: system-function in nature and economy, "Proceedings of the All-Russian Scientific Conference, 23 - 28 July 2012, Tsimlyansk, 41-47.  (in Russian).

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