Sycheva Svetlana

Senior Research Scientist
sycheva [at]
sychevasa [at]
Department of Soil Geography and Evolution

Research interests

Paleogeography, paleopedology, paleogeomorphology, a specialist in the field of reconstruction of the evolution of local and regional geosystems in the Quaternary, the study of cultural layers as objects of geology, geography and soil science. Areas of operation: East-European plain, the Caspian-black sea region, the Central Mexican plateau.

Selected publications

  1. Sycheva S.A., Bessudnov A.N., Chepalyga A.L., Sadchikova T.A., Sedov S.N., Simakova A.N., Bessudnov A.A. Divnogorie pedolitocomplex of the Russian plain: final Pleistocene sediments and environments based on Divnogorie 9 geoarchaeological site (the middle reaches of the don river) // Quaternary international, 2015.
  2. Sycheva S.,  Khokhlova O. Genesis, 14C-age and duration of development of the Bryansk paleosols containing on the Central Russian upland on the basis of the Dating of different materials// Quaternary international, 2015.
  3. Sycheva S.A., Sedov S. N., Solleiro-E Rebolledo. The stages of development of landscapes of the Central Mexican highlands during the Late glacial and the Holocene // Geomorphology, 2013, No. 3. P. 97-112.
  4. Sycheva S.A. Paleocryogenic events in periglacial area of the Russian plain in the late middle and late Pleistocene // Earth Cryosphere, 2012, vol. 16, No. 4. P. 45-56.
  5. Sycheva S.A. A prominent scientist and evolutionist and estestvoispytateley Rostislav Sergeevich Il'in (to the 120th anniversary of birth). Izv. Russian Academy of Sciences. Ser. geogr., 2012.
  6. Sycheva S.A. Small climatic optimum of Holocene and little ice age in the memory of soils and sediments of floodplains of the Russian plain, Izv. Russian Academy of Sciences. Ser. the geographer., 2011, № 1.
  7. Solleiro-Rebolledo, E., Sycheva, S., Sedov, S., McClung de Tapia E., Rivera-Uria, Y., Salcido-Old S., Kuznetsova A. Fluvial processes and paleopedogenesis in the Teotihuacan valley, Mexico: responses to late Quaternary environmental change // Quaternary international (2010) 1-13.
  8. Sycheva S.A., Sedov S. N., Solleiro-E Rebolledo. Changing landscapes of the valley of San Pablo in the late Pleistocene (Teotihuacan, Mexico) // Geomorphology, 2010, № 3, p. 90-100.
  9. Sycheva S.A. The development of floodplain soils and landscapes in the Holocene in the area of the Kulikovo field // Pochvovedenie, 2009, No. 2, 18-28.
  10. Sycheva S.A. Buried Mikulino-Valdai relief and development of the rivers of the Central Russian upland during the late Neopleistocene // Geomorphology, 2007, No. 1. S. 88-105.
  11. Sycheva S. A. pedolithogenic long-term rhythms in the Holocene // Quaternary International 152-153 (2006) 181-191.