Gunya Aleksei

Senior Research Scientist
gunyaa [at]
Department of Physical Geography and Environmental Management Problems

Research interests
The complex geography, dynamic of landscapes and development of territories, regional trends, institutional factors of development, local conflicts. Study areas: Caucasus, Central Asia, Non-Chernozem area of Russia.


Selected Publications
Donald Bedunah; Rick Graetz; Alexey Gunya; Spike Hampson; Marc S. Hendrix; Ardeshir Kia; Merhdad Kia; Alex Klaits; James W. Sears. 2012. Discovering Central Asia: Its History, Geography, and Politics. Co-authors: The University of Montana Press. 382 pp.
Gunya A.N. 2010. Landscape foundations of analysis of natural and natural-anthropogenic changes of high-mountain territories. Nalchik, KBNZ RAN. 200 pp.
Gunya A.N. 2010. Modern Tendencies in Institutionalization of Nature Use of the Caucasian and Central Asian Mountain Regions. Proceedings of RAS (Russian Academy of Sciences), Geographic series №6. Pp. 77-87.
Gunya Alexey, Koehler Jan, Zürcher Christoph. 2008. Empirical Study of Local Conflicts. Part 1. Introduction to Methodology and Methods of Field Work. Moscow, Media-Press. 151 pp.
Gunya A.N. 2008. Developing dynamic of a Mountain Region: Structural and Institutional Factors of Settlement and Land Use Change (Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkessia Case Study). Nalchik, KBSC RAS. 160 pp.
Gunya Alexey. 2007. Cross-border cooperation at local level in the Alps, the Caucasus and the mountains of Central Asia. Moscow-Berlin, BMU. 64 pp.
Gunya A.N. 2005. Regional trends and natural-economic systems development. Proceedings of RAS, Geographic series. №3. Pp. 11-21.
Gunya A.N. 2004. Trend Change and Development of a Mountain Region: Methodology, Geographical  Analysis and Management Abilities. Nalchik; KBSC RAS. 2004. 224 pp.
Gunya Alexey, Thomas Bausch. 2002. Opportunities for transnational and cross-border co-operation in the Caucasus - a contribution to the international year of the mountains. Berlin, BMU. 62 pp.
Gunya Alexey. 2002. Yagnob Valley – nature, history, and chances of a mountain community development in Tadjikistan. Moscow, KMK Scientific Press Ltd. 108 pp.