Timireva Svetlana

Leading Researcher
paleo_igras [at] mail.ru
Department of Quaternary Research

Research interests

Palaeogeography, morphoscopy of quartz sand grains, the dynamics of subaerial processes.

The study area: the center of the East European Plain, Azov region, Taimyr.

Selected Publications

Velichko A., Morozova T. D, Borisova O. K., Timireva S. N, Semenov V. V, Kononov Yu. M., Titov V. V., Tesakov A. S., Konstantinov E A., Kurbanov R. N. 2012. Development of the steppe zone in southern Russia based on the reconstruction from the loess-soil formation in the Don-Azov Region. Doklady Earth Sciences. Volume 445, Issue 2. Pp. 999-1002.

Velichko A.A., Timireva S.N., Kremenetski K.V., MacDonald G.M., Smith L.C. 2011. West Siberian Plain as a late glacial desert. Quaternary International. Edited by P.Ya. Baclanov and A.A. Velichko. Volume 237, Issues 1-2. Pp. 45-53.

Sarana V.A., Timireva S.N., Kononov Yu.M. 2010. New records on the Novaya River. Priroda. № 11. Pp. 30-38; Priroda. № 12, Pp. 44-53 (in Russian)

Velichko A.A., Catto N.R., Tesakov A.S., Titov V.V., Morozova T.D., Semenov V.V., Timireva S.N. 2009. Structural Specificity of Pleistocene Loessial and Soil Formation of the Southern Russian Plain According to Materials of Eastern Priazovie. Doklady Earth Sciences. Vol. 429. No. 8. Pp. 1364–1368.

Velichko A.A., Catto N.R., Kononov Yu.M., Morozova T.D., Novenko E.Yu., Panin P.G., Ryskov Ya.G., Semenov V.V., Timireva S.N., Titov V.V., Tesakov A.S. 2009. Progressively cooler, drier interglacials in southern Russia through the Quaternary: Evidence from the Sea of Azov region. Quaternary International, Volume 198, Issues 1-2. Pp. 204-219.

Velichko, A.A., Pisareva, V.V., Sedov, S.N., Sinitsyn, A.A., Timireva, S.N. 2009. Paleogeography of kostenki-14 (markina gora). Archaeology Ethnology and Anthropology of Eurasia. vol. 37 issue 4. Pp. 35-50.

Ryskov Ya. G., Velichko A. A., Nikolaev V. I., Oleinik S. A., Timireva S. N., Nechaev V. P., Panin P. G., Morozova T. D. 2008. Reconstruction of the paleotemperature and precipitation in the Pleistocene according to the isotope composition of humus and carbonates in loess on the Russian Plain. Eurasian Soil Science. Volume 41, Issue 9. Pp. 937-945.

Timireva S.N., Velichko A.A. 2006. Depositional environments of the Pleistocene loess-soil series inferred from sand grain morphoscopy – a case study of the East European Plain. Quaternary International, vol. 152-153. Pp. 136-145.

Velichko A.A., Timireva S.N. 2005. Loess genesis problem according to investigation of sand quartz grains morphoscopy. Many-sided Geography. Development of ideas of Innokentiy Petrovich Gerasimov (on the occasion of the Centenary of the Birth). KMK Scientific Press Ltd. Moscow. Pp. 76-89.

Velichko A., Timireva S. 1995. Morphoscopy and morphometry of quartz grains from loess and buried soil layers. GeoJournal 36.2/3. Pp. 143-149.