Konstantinov Evgeny

Head of Laboratory
eakonst [at] igras.ru
Laboratory of Environmental paleoarchives

Research interests

Paleo-geomorphology, loess, litho-facies analysis, laser diffraction particle size method. Areas of work: Azov region, central and southern regions of the European part of Russia, Khibiny, Tuva, Sakhalin, Yamal.

Work area

Central and southern regions of the East European Plain

Selected Publications

  1. Konstantinov E.A. New technology of coring for bottom soft sediments // Oceanology. 2019. In print.
  2. Zakharov A.L., Konstantinov E.A. Geological and geomorphological structure of large depressions of loess interfluves of the eastern Azov region (on the example of “Chervona Padi”) // Izvestiya Rossiiskoi Akademii Nauk. Seriya Geograficheskaya. 2019. In print.
  3. Panin P.G., Timireva S.N., Konstantinov E.A. et al. Plio-Pleistocene paleosols: loess-paleosol sequence studied in the Beregovoye section, the Crimean peninsula // Catena. 2019. Vol. 172. P. 590–618.
  4. Konstantinov E. A.,  Velichko A. A., Kurbanov R. N., Zakharov A. L.  Middle to late pleistocene topography evolution of the north-eastern azov region // Quaternary International. 2018. no. 465. P. 72–84. 
  5. Velichko A.A., Konstantinov E.A. Experience in the reconstruction of the Pleistocene morphodynamics of placors of the northern Azov region (a key area of ​​Melekino, Donetsk region of Ukraine) // Geomorfologiya (Geomorphology RAS). 2013. No. 3. P. 51–61.
  6. Konstantinov E.A., Eremenko E.A. The value of the laser diffraction granulometry method in the study of loess (on the example of the Melekino section, Northern Azov region) // Domestic geology. 2012. № 3. P. 47–54.
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