Novenko Elena

Senior Research Scientist
lenanov [at]
Department of Quaternary Research

Research interests

Paleoclimatology, pollen analysis, reconstructions of landscape and climate dynamics in the Late Pleictocene and Holocene, reconstruction of environment condition of ancient human in Paleolithic and Neolithic epoch, palinology of marine environments

Study areas: Central part of European Russia, The Sea of Azov, West Siberia

Selected Publications:

  1. Novenko E. Yu., •Volkova E. M. Glasko M. P. • Zuganova I. S. (2012). Palaeoecological evidence for the middle and late Holocene vegetation, climate and land use in the upper Don River basin (Russia) // Vegetation  History and Archaeobotany. DOI 10.1007/s00334-011-0339-6
  2. Matishov G.G., Novenko E.Yu., Krasnorutskaya K.V.. (2012) Climate changes in the Azov sea region in the Late Holocene // Doklady Earth Sciences, 2012, Vol. 444, No. 3, pp. 1-5.
  3.  Novenko E.Yu. (ed) Dynamics of forest ecosystems in the south of the Valdai Hills during the Late Pleictocene and Holocene. Moscow: Geos -press, 2011, 112 p.
  4. Novenko E. Yu., Glasko M.P., Burova O.V. (2009). Landscape-and-climate dynamics and land use in Late Holocene forest-steppe ecotone of East European Plain (upper Don River Basin case study).  Quaternary International, Vol. 203 pp. 113–119.
  5. Novenko E.Yu., Volkova E.M., Nosova N.B., Zuganova I.S. (2009). Late Glacial and Holocene landscape dynamics in the southern taiga zone of East European Plain according to pollen and macrofossil records from the Central Forest State Reserve (Valdai Hills, Russia). Quaternary International. Vol. 207 pp. 93–103
  6. Novenko E., Olchev A., Desherevskaya O. and Zuganova I. (2009). Paleoclimatic reconstructions for the south of Valdai Hills (European Russia) as paleo-analogs of possible regional vegetation changes under global warming. Environmental Research Letters. 4 (2009) 045016.
  7. Novenko E.Yu., Zuganova I.S., Kozlov D.N. (2008). Evolution of vegetation of the central-Forest Reserve during the Late Pleictocene \\ Russian Academy of Sciences, Izvestiya, Seria  Geografiya  № 1. pp. 87-99
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  9. E.Yu. Novenko, M. Seifert-Eulen, T. Boettger, F.W. Junge(2008).  Eemian and Early Weichselian vegetation and climate history in Central Europe: A case study from the Klinge section (Lusatia, Eastern Germany). Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 151, pp. 72–78.
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