Borisova Olga

Senior Research Scientist
olgakborisova [at]
Department of Quaternary Research

Research interests

Palynology, paleoecology and paleoclimatology of the Pleistocene and the Holocene (reconstruction of the long- and short-term landscape and climate changes and their geographical distribution). Study areas: Russian Plain, Siberia, Arctic and Subarctic.

Selected Publications

Sidorchuk, A.Yu., Panin, A.V., and Borisova, O.K. 2012. River runoff decrease in North-Eurasian Plains during the Holocene optimum // Water Resources, 2012, Vol. 39, No. 1, pp. 69–81.

Velichko A.A., Borisova О.K. 2011. Paleoanalogues of the global warming of the 21st century // Doklady Akademii Nauk, Vol. 438, No. 2, pp. 258–262.

Sidorchuk, A.Yu., Panin, A.V., and Borisova, O.K. 2011. Surface runoff to the Black Sea from the East European Plain during Last Glaciation Maximum–Late Glacial time // Buynevich, I., Yanko-Hombach, V., Gilbert, A.S., and Martin, R.E., eds. Geology and Geoarchaeology of the Black Sea Region: Beyond the Flood Hypothesis. – The Geological Society of America Special Paper 473, pp. 1–25.

Borisova, O.K., Novenko, E.Yu., Zelikson, E.M., and Kremenetski, K.V. 2011. Environmental conditions of peat mire development in West Siberia during the Lateglacial and the Holocene (based on palynological data) // Quaternary International 237: 65–73.

Velichko, A.A., Borisova, О.K., Zelikson, E.M., and Morozova, T.D. 2010. Dynamics of carbon storage in phytomass and soil humus in Northern Eurasia during the last climatic macrocycle // Global and Planetary Change 72: 257–264.

Callaghan, T.V., Velichko, A.A., and Borisova, O.K. 2011. Tundra in a changing climate. Geography, Environment, Sustainability (GES). No. 03 [V. 04]. P. 4-18.

Borisova, O.K. 2008. Landscape and climatic changes in the middle latitudes of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres during the last 130,000 years. – Moscow, GEOS, 264 p.

Velichko, A.A., Borisova, O.K., and Zelikson, E.M. 2008. Paradoxes of the Last Interglacial climate: reconstruction of the northern Eurasia climate based on palaeofloristic data // Boreas 37: 1–19.

Borisova, O.K., Novenko, E.Yu., Velichko, A.A., Kremenetski, K.V., Junge, F.W., and Boettger, T. 2007. Vegetation and climate changes during the Eemian and Early Weichselian in the Upper Volga region (Russia) // Quaternary Science Reviews 26: 2574–2585.

Borisova, O.K. Vegetation and climate changes at the Eemian/Weichselian transition: new palynological data from Central Russian Plain // Polish Geological Institute special papers, 16, 2005, pp. 9-17.