Заседание совместного семинара отдела палеогеографии четвертичного периода ИГ РАН и отдела археологии каменного века ИА РАН

3 октября 2019

В четверг, 3 октября, в 11.00 состоится заседание совместного семинара  отдела палеогеографии четвертичного периода ИГ РАН  и отдела археологии каменного века ИА РАН

1-й Хвостов пер., 13с4 (м.Полянка, Октябрьская)


The Middle Palaeolithic kill-butchery site Lingjing (Xuchang, Henan, China)

Thijs van Kolfschotena,b
Institute of Cultural Heritage, Shandong University, Jinan, People’s Republic of China
bFaculty of Archaeology, Leiden university, The Netherlands

Lingjing is an open-air archaic hominin site in northern China where, apart from two incomplete Human skulls, thousands of lithic artefacts as well as abundant, well-preserved mammalian remains with and OSL ages ranging between ≈105 ka and ≈125 ka. It has been excavated yearly since 2005. The mammalian faunal assemblage from the site is very diverse with 22 different taxa. Equids and a large bovid Bos primigenius dominate the fauna; the mortality profiles of these herbivores indicate hominin/human hunting. Detailed taphonomic analyses demonstrate that Lingjing is a kill-butchery site and not a base camp.

The Lingjing fauna and bone tool record shows remarkable similarities with the archaeological record from the Lower Paleolithic site of Schöningen 13 II-4, Germany, i.e., the Schöningen Spear Horizon, which is ca. 200 ka older than the Lingjing site. Both sites yielded well-preserved material, a very diverse fauna and a large amount of bone tools with identical features.