Chernova Ludmila

Senior Research Scientist
+7 (499) 125-90-11
ludmila.chernova [at]
Glaciology Department

Research interests

Climatic glaciology, paleoglaciology, geomorphology, bibliography

Compiled by an annotated bibliography on glaciology

 Selected Publications 

  • V.M. Kotlyakov, T.Y. Khromova, G.A. Nosenko, V.V. Popova, L.P. Chernova, A.Y. Muraviev, O.V. Rototaeva, S.A. Nikitin, N.M. Zverkova. Recent Glacier Changes in Mountain Regions of Russia // Мoscow, KMK Scientific Press. 2015. – 288 p. ISBN 978-5-9907572-3-3
  • V. M. Kotlyakov, T. E. Khromova, G. A. Nosenko, V. V. Popova, L. P. Chernova, and A. Ya. Murav’ev. New Data on Current Changes in the Mountain Glaciers of Russia  ISSN 10288334X, Doklady Earth Sciences, 2015, Vol. 464, Part 2, pp. 1094–1100. © Pleiades Publishing, Ltd., 2015. DOI: 10.1134/S1028334X15100207
  • Tatiana Khromova, Gennady Nosenko, Stanislav Kutuzov, Anton Muraviev and LudmilaChernova. Glacier area changes in Northern Eurasia // Environmental Research Letters. Vol. 9. №1. 2014. DOI:10.1088/1748-9326/9/1/015003
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  • Kotlyakov V.M., Khromova T.E., Zverkova N.M., Chernova L.P. The Unified Accumulation-Ablation Field on Glaciers of the Northern Hemisphere // ISSN 1028_334X, Doklady Earth Sciences, 2013, 449, Part 2, pp. 439-444         
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