Muravyev Anton

Scientific Researcher
+7(495) 125-90-11
anton-yar [at]
Glaciology Department

Research interests:

Glaciology, fluctuations of mountain glaciers, processing of remote sensing data.

Study areas: Kamchatka, Altai, Caucasus, Polar Ural


Selected Publications:

  • Muraviev A.Ya. Finding and investigation of the Kamchatka glaciers // Ice and Snow. 2015. № 2(130). P. 123–132.
  • V.M. Kotlyakov, T.E. Khromova, G.A. Nosenko, V.V. Popova, L.P. Chernova, and A.Ya. Murav’ev. New Data on Current Changes in the Mountain Glaciers of Russia // Doklady Earth Sciences. 2015. Vol. 464. Part 2. Pp. 1094–1100.
  • V.M. Kotlyakov, T.E. Khromova, G.A. Nosenko, V.V. Popova, L.P. Chernova, A.Y. Muraviev, O.V. Rototaeva, S.A. Nikitin, N.M. Zverkova. Recent glacier changes in mountain regions of Russia. M.: KMK Scientific Press. 2015. 288 p.
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  • Muraviev A.Ya. Glacier size changes in Kronotsky Peninsula and Alney-Chashakondzha Massif, Kamchatka Peninsula in the second half of XX century and the beginning of XXI century // Ice and Snow. 2014. № 2(126). P. 22–28.
  • Muraviev A.Ya., Nosenko G.A. Glaciation change in the northern part of the Middle Range on the Kamchatka Peninsula in the second half of the XX century // Ice and Snow. 2013. № 2(122). P. 5–11.
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  • Maria Shahgedanova, Gennady Nosenko, Tatyana Khromova, and Anton Muraveyev.  “Glacier shrinkage and climatic change in the Russian Altai from the mid-20th century: An assessment using remote sensing and PRECIS regional climate model” - JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH, VOL. 115, 2010.
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  • Section 3.9. “The Kamchatka” in the collective monograph “Glaciation in North and Central Eurasia at Present Time”.  Moscow. Nauka. 2006. P. 204-210.