Nikolaev Vladimir

Senior Research Scientist
dr.v.nikolaev [at]
Glaciology Department

Isotopic geoecology: working out and using isotopic methods for reconstruction of palaeoenvironment. PalaeogeographyofPleistocene, existence and extinction of mammoths, evolution of permafrost

Main expeditions: White Sea, Baltic Sea, Caspian Sea, Spitsbergen, archipelago Severnaya Zemly, Шпицберген, Russian Plain

work on probation

Geophysical Institute (University of Copenhagen, Prof. W. Dansgaard);

Laboratoire de Modelisation du Climatet de l’Environment (Saclay, France, Dr. Jean Jouzel);

Stable isotope laboratory (University of Parma, Italy, Prof. A. Longinelli).

Selected publications

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