Goretskiy Kirill

Scientific Researcher
geomorph [at] rinet.ru
Laboratory of Geomorphology

Research interests

Applied geomorphologic study, geomorphology of urban areas, anthropogenic geomorphology.

Cooperation with publishing house “Media-PRESS”, the preparation works of IGRAN and works of geomorphology laboratory for publication.

One of the authors and editorial member:

City  – Ecosystem. Ed. Lihacheva E.A., Timofeev D.A., Jidkov M.P., others.  M.: Media-PRESS, 1997, 336 p. (in Russian)

The relief of human habitat (ecological geomorphology). Ed. Lihacheva E.A., Timofeev D.A. M.: Media-PRESS, 2002, 640 p. (in Russian)

Lihacheva E.A., Timofeev D.A. and others. Studing in geomorphology of urbosphere. Ed. Lihacheva E.A., Timofeev D.A. M.: Media-PRESS, 2009, 352 p. (in Russian)

Chichagov V.P. The Geomorphologers. M.: Media-PRESS, 2012, 112 p. (in Russian)

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