Lebedeva Ekaterina

Senior Research Scientist
e.lebedeva [at] igras.ru
Laboratory of Geomorphology

Research interests

Geomorphology of volcanic regions and rift zones, geomorphological tension, catastrophic geomorphological processes, evolution of the relief under conditions of changes in natural environments and under the influence of anthropogenic factors, karst topography of tropical regions, placer geomorphology

Regions of research

Russian Far East, Baikal region, volcanic regions, mountain regions of Pacific Rim

List of principal publications

  1. Lebedeva E.V. Sequences of catastrophic geomorphic processes in the river valleys of volcanic regions/ Geomorfologiya (Geomorphology RAS).  2018. No. 4. P. 36–52. (in Russ.).
  2. Kopanina A.V., Lebedeva E.V., Vlasova I.I.  Caldera Ksudach in the south of the Kamchatka peninsula: features of vegetation restoration after the 1907 eruption// Bull. of the RAS. Geographical Series. 2018. No. 6. P. 57-69.
  3. Lebedeva E.V. Caldera Ksudach (Kamchatka): modern relief formation processes and features of the river network structure. Geomorfologiya (Geomorphology RAS).  2017. No. 3. P. 60–75. (in Russ.).
  4. Lebedeva E.V. Caldera Ksudach’ lakes (Kamchatka): coastal processes and the level fluctuation / Geomorfologiya (Geomorphology RAS).  2017. No. 4. P.35-49 (in Russ.)
  5. Lebedeva E.V., Mikhalev D.V., and Nekrasova L.A. Evolutionary stages of the karst-anthropogenic system of the Yucatan peninsula// Geography and Natural Resources. 2017 . V. 38. № 3. P. 303-311.
  6.   Lebedeva Е.V. Impact of the lava flows on the structure of valleys and development of the river network. Geomorfologiya (Geomorphology RAS). 2016. No 3. P. 78-91. (in Russ.).
  7. Lebedeva E.V. Influence of pyroclastic emission on valley morphology and river network development: the case study of the Northern group volcanoes, Kamchatka. Geomorfologiya (Geomorphology RAS). 2016 b. No 4. P. 56-69. (in Russ.)
  8. Lebedeva E.V., Mikhalev D.V.,  Shvarev S.V., Gotvansky V.I. Estimation of tensity of geomorphological conditions of the marginal mountain belts of the Pacific Rim (The Russian Far East and The Andes Central Part as examples)/ Geography, Environment, Sustainability. 2016. No 3.P.25-38.
  9. Lebedeva E.V. Karst terrain of the Yucatan peninsula and its mountain frame (Mexico, Guatemala, Belize) // Geomorfologiya (Geomorphology RAS). 2015. No 4. P. 60-79. (in Russ.)  
  10. Lebedeva E.V., Nekrasova L.A., Mikhalev D.V. Karst systems of Yucatan // Issues of Geography. Vol. 140.  Modern Geomorphology. M.: Kodeks, 2015. P. 181-200. 
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  13. Lebedeva E., Mikhalev D., Novoa J., Kladovschikova M. Geomorphological hazard and disasters in the South American Andes  /Geography. Environment. Sustainability. 2014. №1. Р.80-98.