Kovda Irina

Senior Research Scientist
kovda [at] igras.ru
Department of Soil Geography and Evolution

Research interests

Soil morphology and micromorphology, Soil genesis and evolution, Vertisols, paleosols,carbonate pedofeatures, antropogenic impact, stable isotope of C and O, clay mineralogy.

Study areas: Russian Plain, CisCaucasia, TransBaikal, China, USA

web-site: http://soil.igras.ru/

Selected Publications

  1. Kovda I., Morgun E., Gongalsky K. 2014. Stable isotopic composition of carbonate pedofeatures in soils across the transect, south of the European part of Russia. Сatena, 112: 56-64. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.catena.2013.01.005
  2. I.V.Kovda, M.P.Lebedeva, N.P.Chizhikova, G.L.Zhang, Z.T.Gong, D.C.Li, V.I. Vasenev, 2011. Secondary Calcification of Paddy Soils in Southern China: Morphological and Substantive Characteristics //Eurasian Soil Science, 44 (2): 126–136.
  3. I.Kovda, E.Morgun, T.W.Boutton..2010. Vertic processes and specificity of organic matter properties and distribution in Vertisols. Eurasian Soil Science, 13: 1467-1476.
  4. I Kovda, A.Mermut, 2010. Vertic features. In: Interpretation of Micromorphological Features of Soils and Regoliths Eds.: G. Stoops, V. Marcelino, F.Mees. Elsevier. pp. 117-137.
  5. I.Kovda, S.Sycheva M.Lebedeva, S.Inozemtzev. 2009. Variability of carbonate pedofeatures in a loess-paleosol sequence and their use for paleoreconstructions// Journal of Mountain Science, 6(2): pp.155-161.
  6. E. G. Morgun, I. V. Kovda, Ya. G. Ryskov, and S. A. Oleinik. 2008. Prospects and Problems of Using the Methods of Geochemistry of Stable Carbon Isotopes in Soil Studies//Eurasian J. Soil Science, 41(1): 265-275.
  7. I.Kovda, C.I. Mora, and L.P.Wilding. 2008. PaleoVertisols of the Northwestern Caucasus: (Micro)morphological, physical, chemical and isotopic constraints on early to late Pleistocene climate. Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science, 171: 498-508
  8. I.Kovda, C.I.Mora, Wilding L.P., 2006. Stable isotopic composition of pedogenic carbonates and soil organic matter in a Vertisol with gilgai, south of Russia. Geoderma, 136 (1-2): 423-435.
  9. I.Kovda, O.Chichagova, and C.Mora. 2005 Organic Matter in a Gilgai Soil Complex, Southeastern Russia: Chemical and Isotopic Compositions . In : A.Faz Cano, R.Ortiz, A.R.Mermut (Eds.) Advances in geoecology, Vol. 36. Sustainable use and management of soils – Arid and semiarid regions. Catena Supplements. pp.45-56
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