Pokrovskaya Irina

Senior Research Scientist
savair [at] yandex.ru
Laboratory of Biogeography


Organize field expeditions to the Arctic region of Russia
Analyse information of the origin, distribution and ecology of Arctic ornithofauna
Give recommendations for the protection of Arctic biota

     1992-1997    Senior researcher of the Institute of Nature Protection, State Committee of Ecology, Moscow, Russia

Give recommendations to the state decision-makers for the sustainable use of natural resources
Periodical reporting to the departments of the State Committee of Ecology of condition of the Arcric region nature.
Preparation of CAFF-reports
Participation in the international working group on the seabird of the Barens region

1989-1991    Senior Ingineer og Nature Protection, “Arcticneftegazcompany” company Murmansk,Russia

Management and co-ordination of nature-protected activity of the company 

1979-1985    Researcher of the Institute of Biology, RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia
Management and co-ordination of  database of biota data for the Western Siberian Plane
Analyse the distribution and space organization of the vertabrate complexes in Siberian landscapes.