Glasko Maya

Leading Researcher
mglasko [at]
Laboratory of Geomorphology

Research interests

Morphostructural regionalisation (MSR), regional and local paleogeomorphology of ancient settlement landscapes (from Neolit till Middle Ages)

Selected Publications

Glasko M.P., Rantzman E.Y. Geographic aspects of Earth’s crust block structure. Izvestiya RAN, Seria. Geografiya, 1991, № 1, p.p. 5-19(in Russian)

Glasko M.P., Rantzman E.Y. Morphostructural regionalisation for Noth and Central India’s platphorme plains. Vychislitelnaya seysmologia, Vypusk 25, 1992, p.p.84-95 (in Russian)

Rantzman E.Y., Glasko M.P., Maksimov V.V., Glasko M.P., Mars surface morphostructural regionalisation (fragment). Geomorfologia, № 3, 2001, p.p.118-124 (in Russian)

Glasko M.P., Rantzman E.Y. The Earth‘s crust present plain block structure influence on technical units safety. Izvestia RAN, Ser. Geogr. 2000, № 5, p.p.31-39 (in Russian)

Glasko M.P., Rantzman E.Y. The earth’s crust small block structure of the Moscow morphostructural knot and it’s consequences (in Russian)

Pikovskiy U.I., Bagdasarova, Glasko M.P., Glasko M.P., Rantzman E.Y. The Earth’s block structure – the geologic base for oil and gas prospecting in nontraditional collectors.  Mineral nontraditional collectors (oil, gas, natural bitumens. Exploitation problems. Materialy nauchnoy konferentzii. Kazan, 2005, p.p.214-216 (in Russian)

Rantzman E.Y., Glasko M.P., Morphostructural knots as the extraordinary natural phenomenon places. M.: Media-PRESS, 2004, 224p. (in Russian)

Glasko M.P., Folomeev B.A.  Determination method for the flood-plain alluvium accumulation speed according to archaeological and geomorphologic dates (middle Oka valey as an example). Geomorfologia, № 3,1981, p.p.26 – 36(in Russian)

Gonyanyi M.I., Aleksandrovskiy A.L., Glasko M.P. The upper Don basin north forest-steppe at the period of Kulikovskay battle. M.:  Unoprint, 2007, 208 p.

Novenko E.Y., Glasko M.P., Burova O.V., Landscape – and- Climate Dynamics and land Use in Late Holocene Forest-Steppe Ecotone of East European Plain (upper Don river basin case study). Quaternary International, 2009, V.203, p.p. 113-119 (in Russian)

Aleksandrovskiy A.L., Glasko M.P.  The historical territories paleolandscape research. Studing in geomorphology of urbosphere. Ed. Lihacheva E.A., Timofeev D.A. M.: Media-PRESS, 2009, p.p. 56-69 (in Russian)