Streletsky Vladimir

Head of Department
vstreletski [at]
Department of Social and Economical Geography


Research interests

Historical Geography, Cultural Geography, Ethnic Geography and Cultural Anthropology: Geographical environment and culture; Ecology of local cultures; Ethnic traditions and cultural regionalism; Cultural pluralism and diversity in the Russian and international context; Ethno-territorial conflicts in Russia and CIS countries; possibilities for their resolution. Social and Economic Geography of Western Europe; emphasis on Germany. Regional Development and Regional Policy: Stadial dynamics and cyclicity in regional development; the early developed regions in Western Europe and Russia in comparison; Foreign experience of regional policy, its application in the Russian conditions; Environment and regional development; Environmentally induced migrations in the CIS countries.

Selected Publications in Foreign Languages

(Selected publications of Dr. V. Streletsky in Russian language are presented at the Russian version of the website.)

Streletsky V. Ethnic and cultural factors of regional development in Russia // Natural resource development, population and environment in Russia: their present and future in relation to Japan / Ed. by S. Artobolevskiy and T. Litvinenko. Moscow: M-Mega, 2010. P.78-90 (in English)

Streletzki W. Desintegrationsrisiken und “neue Regionalstrategie” in Russland - Köln: BIOST, 2000. 30 S. (Schriftenreihe ”Berichte des Bundesinstituts für ostwissenschaftliche und internationale Studien”. №9-2000) (in German)

Glazovsky N., Kudinova N., Odinokova L., Shestakov A., Streletsky V. Migrations induced by desertification and drought in CIS member-states. - Moscow: United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) - Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences, 2000. 100 p (in English)

Boege E., Streletsky V. Sustainable Development, Science and Traditional Knowledge. How should the sustainable development face the science and the traditional knowledge? //Papers Submitted by Discussion Groups. - LEAD International Delegation to the World Conference on Science. Budapest, June 26 - July 1, 1999. - NY - Budapest: LEAD International, 1999. P.49-56 (in English)

Shestakov A., Streletsky V. Mapping of Risk Areas of Environmentally-Induced Migration in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) - Geneva: International Organization for Migration (IOM) - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees - Center for Policy Analysis and Research on Refugee Issues, 1998. 97 p. (in English)

Glezer O., Kolossov V., Petrov N., Streletski V. Les conflits ethniques //Atlas de la Russie et des pays proches / Ed.: R. Brunet, D. Eckert, V. Kolossov. Montpelier – Paris: RECLUS – La Documentation Française, 1995. P 190-195 (in French)

Streletzki W. Ethno-territoriale Konflikte auf dem Gebiet der früheren Sowjetunion.- Köln: BIOST, 1995. 30 S. (Schriftenreihe “Berichte des Bundesinstituts für ostwissenschaftliche und internationale Studien”, № 37-1995) (in German)

Nefedova T., Streletski V., Treivich A. La Ruhr, la Haute Silésie et le Donbass dans la trajectoire  historique des vieilles regions industrielles europeennes du charbon et de l' acièr //Revue belge de géographie. Vol. 116. 1992. Fascicules 1 - 4. P.41-48 (in French)

Streletskiy V. Los problemas socioculturales y geograficos, los obstaculos y las posibilidades de modernizacion de la sociedad tradicional: el ejemplo del Asia Central y el Caucaso //Estudios geograficos. №204. Julio-septiembre 1991. P. 497-510 (in Spanish)

Glezer O., Streletskiy V. Reclamaciones territoriales y conflictos etnicos en el processo de desintegracion de la Union Sovietica //Estudios geograficos. №204. Julio-septiembre 1991. P.421-438 (in Spanish)