Bogdanov Nikolay

Leading Researcher
nabog [at]
Laboratory of Geomorphology

Research interests

Coastal zone: dynamic, heavy mineral littoral placers prospecting and output, coastal safety, chemical pollution.

Ecological geomorphology, geoecology.

Selected Publications

Bogdanov N.A., Kadik F.A., Kleinman G., Kravchenko V.E., Ulst V.G. Determination method for wave processing thickness stratum\\ Copywright certificate USSR № 1374165, Kl.S. 01 U 9\00, 1987(in Russian)

Bogdanov N.A. Coastal zone assimilation after-effect ecologo-litodynamic analysis:  The South-East Baltic. Studing in geomorphology of urbosphere. Ed. Lihacheva E.A., Timofeev D.A. M.: Media-PRESS, 2009, p.p. 217-244(in Russian)

Bogdanov N.A., Aibulatov N.A., Sharakov V.P. Present placers stability extent at external littoral zone.\\ Litologia I poleznye iskopaemye, 1984, № 4, p.p. 37-46(in Russian)

Bogdanov N.A., Gindarev L.A., Sharakov V.P. Sea placers prospecting geomorphologic criterions and morpholitodynamics at The South East Baltic\\ Izvestia vuzov. Geologia I razvedka, 1986, № 12, p.p.40-48 (in Russian)

Bogdanov N.A., Sovershaev V.A., Gindarev L.A., Agapov A.p. Notion evolution about South-East Baltic coast development. Geomorfologia, 1989, № 2, p.p.62-68 (in Russian)

Bogdanov N.A. The Baltic sea coast ecology morpholitodynamic aspect\\ Geomorfologia, 1993, № 3, p.p. 56-63(in Russian)

Bogdanov N.A, Vorontzov A.A., Morozova L.N.  Kaliningrad gulf chemical pollution tendency and dynamics. Vodnye resursy, 2004, № 5, v. 31, p.p.576 –590(in Russian)

Bogdanov N.A, Ecologic regionalisation: research methods. Astrakhan area. M.: Editorial URSS, 2005, 176 p. (in Russian)

Bogdanov N.A, Mikolaevskaya E.L., Morozova L.N., Chuikova L.U., Chuikov U.S. The Astrkhan‘s  sanitary-hygienic status: chemical pollution. Astrahan, Nijnevoljskiy ekotzentr, 2011, 204 p. (in Russian)

Bogdanov N.A, Chuikova L.U., Chuikov U.S., Shendo G.L., Riabikin V.R.

 THE VOLGA DELTA GEOECOLOGY:  The Liman district.\ Astrahan. Nijnevoljskiy ekotzentr, 2012, 276 p. (in Russian)

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Bogdanov N.A.  The Prikaspian landscape mercury dynamic of many years: the Astrakhan area soils. The Mercury in biosphere : ecologo-geochemistry problems. International Symposium materials (Moscow, September 7-8, 2010) M.: GEOHI RAN, 2010, p.p. 177-182(in Russian)

Bogdanov N.A., Pishulov S.A. Anthropogenic geomorphologic system at the hydrocarbon output area\ Geomorphologic systems: properties, hierarchy, organization. Ed. Lihacheva E.A. M.: Media-PRESS, 2010, p.p. 218-236(in Russian)

Bogdanov N.A. Morpholitosystem chemical properties and territorial diagnostic\

Anthropogenic geomorphology:  the 33 plenary session of geomorphologic commission RAN materials (The Belgorod, September 25-29, 2012). M.: Belgorod, Belgorod, 2012, № 1, p.p.10-13 (in Russian)

Bogdanov N.A. Soil chemical pollution integrate indices analysis in territorial status estimation\ Gigiena I sanitaria, 2012, № 1, p.p.10-13 (in Russian)