Gorkina Tatiana

Senior Research Scientist
gorkinati [at] yandex.ru
Laboratory of Geography of World Development

Research interests

Problems of the world energy development; formation of energy markets; financial basis of the world economy.

Selected Publications

Gorkina T. 2012. The Formation of Asia's Energy Market. Regionalnyie issledovaniya. N 1 (35).

Gorkina T. 2012. Energy Policy of China. Geografiya v shkole. N 3.      

Gorkina T. 2011. Energy Poverty. Geografiya v shkole. N 1, 2.

Gorkina T. 2011. Electric-Power Industry of Slavic Countries of the former USSR in the Post Soviet Period. Sovremennyie problemy sotsialnoy geografii. Moscow.

Gorkina T. 2010. Energy Safety as a Factor of the World Energy Industry Development Geografiya mirovogo razvitiya. Moscow. N 2.

Gorkina T. 2010. Energy Problems of Central Asia. Geografiya v shkole. N 3.

Gorkina T. 2010. Sustainable Energy. Regionalnyie issledovaniya. N 3(29).

Gorkina T. 2008. Problems of the “New” World Atomic Energy Industry Allocation. Izvestiya RAN, seriya geograficheskaya. N 4.

Gorkina T.  2004. World Energy Industry: Results of Development in the XXth Century. Geografiya v shkole. N 1.

Gorkina T. 2003. Tendencies of the World Energy Development at the Present Stage. Izvestiya RAN, seriya geograficheskaya. N 4.