Sosnovsky Alexander

Leading Researcher
a_sosnovsky [at]
Glaciology Department

Research interests:Thermal physics of snow; the study of heat transfer in the atmosphere - snow – soil (glaciers); snow cover and permafrost; engineering glaciology; theoretical and applied aspects of artificial ice formation in natural conditions; purification anddesalination of saline water by freezing.

The main areas of research expeditions:Polar Urals and Svalbard.

Selected Publications

  • Sosnovsky A.V., Macheret Yu.Ya., Glazovsky A.F., Lavrentiev I.I.2015. Influence of snow cover on the thermal regime of a polythermal glacier in Western Spitsbergen // Ice and snow. M. V. 3.  P. 27-37.
  • Osokin N.I., Sosnowskiy A.V.2015. Impact of dynamics of air temperature and snow cover thickness on the ground freezing.// Earth Cryosphere. V. XIX. № 1. P. 99–105. RUS.
  • Osokin N.I., Sosnovsky A.V.2014. Field investigation of eff icient thermal conductivity of snow cover on Spitsbergen // Ice and snow. M. V. 3 (127).  P. 50-58.
  • Sosnovsky A.V., Nakalov P.R., Nenashev S.V.2014. Physical-geographical aspects of formation of artificial firn-ice massives // Ice and snow. M. V. 2 (126).  P. 113-120.
  • Osokin N.I., Sosnovsky A.V. 2014. Spatial and temporal variability of depth and density of the snow cover in Russia // Ice and snow. M. V. 4 (128).  P. 72-80.
  • Osokin N.I., Sosnovskiy A.V., Chernov R.A., Nakalov P.R.2014. Thermal resistance of snow cover and its variability .// Earth Cryosphere. V. XVIII. № 4. P. 70-77. RUS.
  • Tishkov A.A., Osokin N.I., Sosnovski A.V.2013. The Impact of Moss synusia on the active layer of arctic soil and subsoil // Izv. RAN.№3. P. 39-46.
  • Osokin N.I., Sosnovsky A.V., ChernovR.A.. 2013. Influence of snow cover stratigraphy on its thermal resistance // Ice and snow. M. V. 3. P. 63-70.
  • Sosnovsky A.V. 2011. Artificial firn-ice bodies and the prospects for their use to protect water resources from pollution // Ice and snow. M. V. 2. P. 135-142.
  • Sosnovsky A.V., Gokhman V.V. 2010. Experimental studies on desalination of porous ice //  Ice and snow. M. V. 2. P. 118-126.
  • Sosnovsky A.V.   2006. Mathematical modeling of the influence of snow cover thickness on degradation of permafrost at climate warming // Earth Cryosphere. V. Х. № 3. P.83–88.
  • Osokin N.I., Samoylov R.S., Sosnovsky A.V.  2006. Evaluation of the snow cover influence on degradation of the permafrost under the climate warming// Izv. RAN. seriageogr. № 4. P. 40–46.
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