Volkova Irina

Leading Researcher
volin511 [at] yandex.ru
Department of Social and Economical Geography

Research interests

- economical and geographical problems of a natural resources use; interaction of industrial production and environment; reproduction of the natural - resource capital; regional distinctions of social and ecological consequences of a natural resources use in changing economic and legal conditions of Russia and a the role of natural resources use in development of regions; environmental management problems in Russian-Ukrainian bordering; anthropogenous desertification of the South of Russia.

Selected Publications

1. Volkova I.N., Privalovskaya G. A. Transformation of raw specialization of economy in a context of modernization of Russia. P. 211-235. In book: Russia and its regions: integration potential, risks, transition ways to a sustainable development. M: Association of scientific editions of KMK. 2012. -413 c.

2. Volkova I.N., Privalovskaya G.A. And. Social and economic preconditions of risks of a sustainable development of regions of Russia// Izvestiya RAN. Seriya Geograficheskaya, 2010, No. 3, pp. 8-20.

3. Volkova I.N. “Natural Resource Capital of Russia and Problems of its Reproduction”: Natural Resource Development, Population and Environment in Russia: Their Present and Future in Relation to Japan “Proceedings of Russian- Japanese seminar (II; September 13-14, 2010; Moscow)   Pp. 114-123.

4. Volkova I.N. Development Russian-the Belarusian-Ukrainian frontier interactions in the economic and institutional and infrastructure sphere: article in: Problems of public geography. Frontier territories: methodological approaches and experience of researches//the Collection of scientific works / Under G. P. Podgrushnogo's edition. Kiev: Institute of geography of NAN of Ukraine. - V. 2.-2010. – 106 p. Pp. 71-77.

5. Volkova I.N., Drozdov A.V.: «Population, economy and environmental management as conditions of development of desertification» (Chapter 3.3, page 65-97); «Desertification, agricultural production and consumption of food», Chapter 5.9, page 175-193); «Perception of desertification by locals», Chapter 7.2, page 245-247); «Health of the population of the Astrakhan region» Chapter 7.5, page 259-260. In book: Desertification of the droughty lands of Russia: new aspects of the analysis, results and problems. M, Association of scientific editions of KMK. 2009. -298 p. 

6. Volkova I.N., Privalovskaya G.A. COMBINATIONS of NATURAL AND SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC RESOURCES IN DEVELOPMENT of REGIONS of RUSSIA. In « Izvestiya RAN. Seriya Geograficheskaya” -  2009. No. 5.  Pp. 7-21.

7. Volkova I.N., Privalovskaya G.A. and Litvinenko T.V.  Head in the book: «Regionalis fejlodes es politika. Az atalakulo oroszoorszagban» Magyar Tudomanyos Akademia, Pecs, 2008 (Regional development and policy of Russia in a transition period), in the Hungarian language, Budapest, 2008. Pp. 255-276.

8. Volkova I.N. Territorial efficiency of environmental management and problem of a sustainable development of regions of Russia. In the materials of the International scientific and practical conference devoted to the 70 anniversary of Institute of geography of JSC TSNZMO of the Republic of Kazakhstan: «Geographical problems of a sustainable development: theory and practice»/-  Almaty, 2008.- 936с. Pp. 16-27.

9. Volkova I.N. New Problems of Natural Resources Use Related to the Change of Legislation and New Nation-wider Projects// Natural Resource Business, Population and Environment in Eastern Russia: Their Present and future in Relation to Japan. Proceedings of the Japanese Russian Seminar, March 29, 2008. Sponsored by the Research Center for World Wide Business Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan, 2008. Pp.  47- 58.

10. Volkova I.N. Economic and geographical mechanisms of management of environmental management.//Sustainable development: problems and prospects. V.3. Environmental management and sustainable development. World ecosystems and problems of Russia. M: Association of scientific editions of KMK. - 2006.