Ivanov Mikhail

Research Associate
misha_scout [at] mail.ru
Glaciology Department

Research interests

Evolution of the cryosphere, paleoglaciology, glacial geology and geomorphology, ratio of ice sheets and alpine glaciers to permafrost and massive ground ice, glaciohydroclimatology, dendrochronology, lichenometry, distance glaciology methods, study of glacier fluctuations and climatic changes for forecast, avalanches

Research field expeditions: Urals, Caucasus, Tien Shan, Alps, Altai, Putorana plato, Taymyr, Kola Peninsula, Khibiny, Russian plain, Western Siberia, Sakhalin

Selected Publications

Ivanov M.N. 2012. New data about avalanche on Polar Urals // Data of glaciological studies. – M.: IG RAS, 2012-1, p. 17-20 (in Russian)

Stroeven A.P., Beel C., Blomdin R., Caffee M.W., Chen Y. Codilean A., Gribenski N., Harbor J., Hattestrand C., Heyman J., Ivanov M., Kassab C., Li Y.K., Lifton N.A., Petrakov D., Rogozhina I., Usubaliev R. 2012 Reconstructing spatial and temporal patterns of paleoglaciation along the Tian Shan // Abstract of the AGU fall meeting. – San Francisco, 1 p.

Ivanov M.N. 2012. Polar Urals glaciers and periglacial geomorphology // TICOP Excursion guidebook tenth International Conference on Permafrost – Tyumen, Russia: Pechatnik, 50 p.

Ivanov M.N. 2012 Evolution of glaciation of the Polar Urals over the past millennium. // Thesis for the degree of Ph.D. Geography. М.: 11-th format, 24 p. (in Russian)

Shahgedanova M., Nosenko G., Bushueva I., Ivanov M. 2012. Changes in Area and Geodetic Mass Balance of Small Glaciers, Polar Urals, Russia, 1950-2008 // J. of Glaciology, vol. 58, № 211. С. 953-964. doi: 10.3189/2012JoG11J233

Ivanov M.N. 2011. Comprehensive study of moraines in the Polar Urals // Proceedings of XVIII INQUA-Congress Quaternary sciences – the view from the mountains. – Bern, Switzerland, 1 p.

Solomina O.N., Ivanov M.N., Bradwell T. 2010. Lichenometric studies on moraines in the Polar Urals // J. Geografiska Annaler, vol. 92 А, №1. – Stockholm, Sweden, рp. 81-99. doi: 10.1111/j.1468-0459.2010.00379.x

Ivanov M.N. 2010. Repeated photography in the mountains as effective tool for monitoring and sustainable development of mountain areas in the global changes // Proceedings of VII International conference “Sustainable development of mountain territories in conditions of global changes”. – Vladikavkaz: NCMMI, p. 1-3. (in Russian)

Ivanov M. 2009. Polar Urals glaciers variability: past to future // Book of abstracts The 10th Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW 2009). – Bergen, Norway: University of Bergen, p. 29.

Zemskova A.M., Streletskaya I.D., Medvedeva M.A., Ivanov M.N. 2009. The study ground ice and cryogenic morphology of Quaternary deposits of Yeniseyskiy bay coast (research in the frames of IPY 2007-2009). Abstract of Arctic Frontiers-2009 "Arctic marine ecosystems in an era of rapid climate change. Arctic ocean governance" – Tromsø, Norway, p. 149.