Yasinskii Sergey Vladimirovich

Leading Researcher
yasisergej [at] yandex.ru
Laboratory of Hydrology

Research interests

Evaluation and forecast of the hydro-ecological state of the Moskva river and the Volgian reservoirs, the impact of NPP on water resources, water protection zones, the impact of climate change on the spring surface and river runoff and guiding processes of the hydrological cycle in the catchment areas of small rivers on the basis of non-traditional agricultural technologies. Stochastic and dynamic modeling of hydrological processes, geosystem monitoring using small unmanned aircrafts.

Selected Publications

Yasinskii S. V., Kashutina Е.А. Effect of Regional Climate Variations and Economic Activity on Changes in the Hydrological Regime of Watersheds and Small River Runoff // Water Resources, 2012, Vol. 39, No. 3, 269 – 291.

Shaporenko S., Yasinskii S., Matafonov E., Gorelkin A. Morphometric parameters of Istra, Ruza, Ozerninsky and Rublevskoe reservoirs according to bathymetric surveys, 2009 // Modern problems of reservoirs and their watersheds. Volume I. Hydro and geodynamic processes. Perm, Perm State University, 2011. P. 172-177.

Yasinskii S. V., Gusev E.M., Kashutina Е.А. Efficiency of agricultural practices of the hydrological processes management in small catchments during spring snowmelt / / Pochvovedenie, 2008. № 3. 321 – 329. (in Russian)

Yasinskii S. V., Kashutina Е.А. Spatial and temporal patterns of change in the slope of the spring and river flows in the Russian Plain // Proceedings of the Russia Academy of Sciences, Geographical series,. 2007, № 5. 71-81.(in Russian)

Yasinskii S., Gurov F. Shilkrot G. Evaluation methods for the removal of nutrients into the ravine and river networks of small rivers. Proceedings of the Academy of Sciences. Geographical Series. 2007, № 4, P.44-53.

Yasinskii S., Gurov F. Evaluation methods for diffuse pollution of small rivers on the basis of landscape-hydrological approach (by the example of the river Istra) / / Water economy of Russia, № 2, 2006. P. 41 - 72.

Shilkrot  G., Yasinskii S. Self-organization and management processes in the formation of ecosystems and water quality in reservoirs // Actual problems of rational use of biological resources of the reservoirs. Rybinsk: Publishing House of the JSC "Rybinsk Printing House." 2005. P. 283-293.

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Yasinskii S. Conceptual aspects of the management of natural and anthropogenic geosystems of the small rivers catchment. // Anthropogenic impacts on water resources in Russia and neighboring countries in the late twentieth century. M.Nauka.2003, P. 330-335.

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