Shaporenko Sergey Ivanovich

Senior Research Scientist
ser-shaporenko [at]
Laboratory of Hydrology

Research interests:

- Geographical features of development of anaerobic processes in hydrosphere

- Hydrochemistry of anaerobic processes in the hydrological systems

- Evolution of hydrological systems with anaerobic environmental conditions

Selected Publications

Shaporenko S. Modeling of biohydrochemical processes as an educational discipline / / Water. 2011. Volume 38. Number 5. P. 635-637.

Shaporenko S. Impact of temperature variability and ice phenomena on the anaerobic water zones // Proceedings of III Russian Conference "Ice and thermal processes in water bodies of Russia", Onega, Arkhangelsk region., Russia 6-11, June 2011, Moscow, Institute of Water Problems of Russian Academy of Sciences, 2011. P. 357-365.

Shaporenko S., Yasinskii S., Matafonov E., Gorelkin A. Morphometric parameters of Istra, Ruza, Ozerninsky and Rublevskoe reservoirs according to bathymetric surveys, 2009 // Modern problems of reservoirs and their watersheds. Volume I. Hydro and geodynamic processes. Perm, Perm State University, 2011. P. 172-177.

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