Milyukova Irina

Senior Research Scientist
mil-ira [at]
Laboratory of Hydrology

The main research areas are:
development and use of mathematical models for investigation of hydro physical processes in the soil-vegetation-atmosphere system, assessing of impact of inhomogeneity intralandscape hydrophysical and soil characteristics on the formation of water balance elements (runoff, evaporation, infiltration), creating of water balance models with monthly resolution for the major river basins in different physical and geographical conditions, forecasting of changes of water balance elements under the global climate change.

Selected Publications

A.G.Georgiadi, N.I.Koronkevich, I.P.Miliukova A.V.Kislov O.A.Anisimov, E.A.Barabanov, E.A.Kashutin, O.O. Borodin. Scenario estimate of likely changes in runoff of largest rivers of Russia.Part 1.Lena River basin. M. Max Press, 2011. 179.

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Koronkevich N.I.Georgiadi A.G., Milyukova I.P., BarabanovE.A. Development of scenario forecasts of water resources status on example ofthe Lena River basin / / Strategic problems of water use in Russia. Collection of scientific works.Moscow, 2008.S.351-360.

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