Kaidanova Olga

Research Associate
oliakai [at] rambler.ru
Department of Physical Geography and Environmental Management Problems

Research interests

The Dynamic of Landscapes in Zones of Anthropogenic Impacts. The Dynamic of Hard Metals in the Soils of Nature-Anthropogenic Landscapes,  Trigger’s property of Landscapes. Trigger’s property of Soils. Crisises in the Soils Development, Mentality as a factor of Sustainable Development of Landscapes.

Regions of work

European North of Russia, Central Chernozem Region, Volga Region

Selected Publications

Kaidanova O.V. The Dynamics of Hard metals in Soils of Techno genetic Landscapes on Russian territory.// The transformation of Russian environment in XX century. M., <ITC MOLNIT>, 2012.


Kaidanova O.V. The Dynamics of Pollution Emission to Atmosphere from stationeries in regions of Russia Federation. // The transformation of Russian environment in XX century. M., <ITC MOLNIT>, 2012.


Kaidanova O.V., Kuderina T.M., Zamotaev I.V.,Shilkrot, Suslova S.B., Kudikov A.V. Radioactive elements and hard metals in nature and techno genetic landscapes of European  part of Russia.// Geochemist of Landscapes and Geography of Soils. Proceedings of Scientific Conference in Moscow, April 2012. M.2012. Pp 149-151.


Armand A.D., Bubnova A.R., Kaidanova O.V., Mentality and Environment Use. //  Sustainable Development and Geo-ecological problems. The Proceedings of International Conference Devoted 1150 years of Novgorod Great, October 2009. Novgorod Great, 2009. Pp.5-12.


Armand A.D., Kaidanova O.V., Trigger Landscapes. The Maps: 1. Trigger Landscapes of the World. 2. Trigger Landscapes of Asian Part of Russia. Scale: 30 000 000.  Explain Text. // Siberia, Atlas of Asian Russia. M. 2008. Pp.106-107


Borisochkina T.I., Kaidanova O.V. The Change of TM Concluding in Nature-Anthropogenic Landscapes of Kursk Oblast.// Temporary Problems of Soils Pollution. // 2 International Science Conference. V. MGU 2007.T.2. Pp. 196-200.


Kaidanova O.V. Geochemical Methods of Study of Cultural layers of Antique cities. // Cultural Layers of Archeological Monuments. M. NIA-Priroda. 2006. Pp.270-280.


Armand A.D., Kaidanova O.V., Karavaev.V.F. Self organization of Agriculture of Chernozem Zone. // The Proceeding of RAS, Issue Geographical. No 2, 2003. Pp.49-56.

Kaidanova O.V. Geochemical Change of Nature-anthropogenesis’ Landscapes. // Russia and Regions. Outer and Inner Ecological Threats. M.”Nauka”, 2001 Pp.156-168.


Kaidanova O.V. Critical Moments in Soils Development.// Anatomy of Crisises. M.”Nauka” 2000. Pp.51-62.