Averkieva Ksenia

Research Associate
xsenics [at] ya.ru
Department of Social and Economical Geography

Research interests

Russia, Rural geography, agricultural geography, socio-cultural change, Non-Black-Soil-Belt, single industrial towns, mining industry towns of Russian North, Historical geography, labour migrations, urban and spatial shrink

Selected Publications

  1. Averkieva K. Forced innovations in Non-Chernozem rural areas in Russia // Collected articles of V international conference «Rural Space and local development». – Romania, Cluj-Napoca: Presa Universitara Clujeana, 2012. P. 68–69
  2. Averkieva K. Rural-urban interaction: temporal and spatial aspects. Monograph. LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing GmbH&Co. KG, Saarbrucken, Germany, 2010, ISBN 978-3-8433-0125-1 62 p.
  3. Averkieva K. “Second towns” in the territorial organization of Russian regions. Collected articles from VI international conference “Theory & practice of geographical conflictology”. (Leningradskaya oblast, 10-12 June 2009) St. Petersburg State University press, St. Petersburg, 2009, P. 238-241
  4. Averkieva K. Innovations in agriculture of Un-Black-Soil-Belt in Russia as the answer on “spatial shrinkage”. // Russian Academy of Sciences bulletin, series of geography, 2012. № 4. P.40–51
  5. Averkieva K. Experience of rural study by the “observation studies” method at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries. //Socio-Economical geography: history, methods, practice (to 100 years from the birth of Saushkin). Collected Articles. – Smolensk, “Universum”. P. 97-102
  6. Averkieva K. Characteristics of innovation development of the agriculture in Vologda oblast. Collected articles of Ukrainian conference with international participation (Kiev, Ukraine, 17-18 November 2011) issue № 7. – Kiev:“Obrii” 2011. P. 132–135.
  7. Averkieva K. Old-settled periphery ‑ spend the rest of days or live? Vokhma district of Kostroma oblast. Magazine “Geografia 2011. №17 (936). P. 8–13.
  8. Averkieva K. Functional transformation of single industrial towns of Russia: risks and possibilities of realizing new functions. Collected articles the IV international conference “Socio-economical development of Russian regions: problems of theory and practice” (24. November 2010, Smolensk), Smolensk state university press, Smolensk, 2010. P. 173-177
  9. Averkieva K. Guseva E., Denisov E., Efremova V. Evolution of settlement system and economy in Torzhok district of Tver oblast. // Environmental planning and management 2011. № 2 (13). С. 60-70.
  10. Averkieva K., Zemlyansky D., Lyashenko E., at alias Seasonal prevalence in functional organization of space (by the example of Kashin district of Tver oblast // Collected articles of young scientists: geography. XVI international conference of young scientists «Lomonosov». – Moscow: Geographical department of MSU, 2009. P. 125–129.