Gorkin Alexander

Senior Research Scientist
+ 7(495)959-00-25
apgorkin [at] yandex.ru
Department of Social and Economical Geography

Research interests

Theory of industrial location; geography of the US manufacturing; geography of global economy; economic cartography; lexicography

web-site: http://ekonom.igras.ru/index.php?r=87

Selected Publications

  1.    Gorkin A. P., Geography of post-industrial industry. – Smolensk: Oecumene, 2012. 348 p.
  2.    Gorkin A. P., Atchkassova T. A. Sectoral and regional structure of the electronic sector of the US economy // Regional Studies, 2011, № 2, P. 121–130.
  3.    Gorkin A. P. On the relativity of indicators and terms in the social and economic geography // Izvestia RAN.Ser. geogr. 2011, № 1, P. 8-16.
  4.     Gorkin A. P.,  The territorial structure of U.S. manufacturing and business cycles // Changes of spatial  organization of the global  industry. – M.: Econ-Inform, 2009, P. 77–99.
  5.    Gorkin A.P., The spatial organization  of the global manufacturing at the beginning XXI century: methods and methodology of the study // Vestnik RUDN. Econ. 2008, № 1,  P.  23-31.
  6.    Gorkin A. P., Level of post-industrial development of the economy of countries of the world // Izvestia RAN, Ser. geogr. 2007, № 2, P. 9-18.
  7.    Gorkin A. P.,  US manufacturing in the post-industrial era – the continuation of the development or the beginning of the decline? // Izvestia RAN, Ser.  geogr. 2005, № 1, P. 77-99.
  8.    Gorkin A.P.,US post-industrial manufacturing complex //  Vestnik MGU. Geogr. 2004, № 4, P. 18-24.
  9.    Gorkin A.P.,  The impact business cycles on spatial structure of manufacturing in the United States // Soviet Geography: Review and Translation. 1981, April, P. 240-254.