Karpukhina Natalia

Research Associate
nvkarpukhina [at] igras.ru

Paleogeography of the Quaternary period, glacial geology and geomorphology, the reconstruction of ice sheets, paleolomnology

The North-western and central regions of the East European Plain

Karpukhina N.V., Pisareva V.V., Zyuganova I. S., Konstantinov E.A., Zakharov A.L., Baranov D.V., Utkina A. O., Panin A. V. New data about the section stratigraphy near Kileshino (Tver Oblast, Russia) — the key for understanding boundaries of glaciations on the Valdai Hills in the Upper Pleistocene // Izvestiya RAN (Akad. Nauk SSSR). Seriya Geograficheskaya. 2020. Vol.84. № 6. P. 874–887. (in Russ.)

Karpukhina N.V., Sizov O.S. Methodological aspects of glaciomorphological mapping in the marginal zone of the southeastern sector of the last Scandinavian Ice Sheet // Geomorphology RAS. 2020. № 2. p. 21–38. (in Russ.)

Zaretskaya N. E., Panin A. V., Karpukhina N. V. The SIS limits and related proglacial events in the Severnaya Dvina basin, northwestern Russia: review and new data // Bulletin of the Geological Society of Finland. 2018. №. 90. P. 301–313.

Karpukhina N.V., Konstantinov E.A., Kurbanov R.N., Derkach A.A., Matlakhova E.Yu. The mechanism of formation, age and evolution of lake basins in the central part of the Pskov lowland // Geomorphology RAS. 2018. №2. P. 32–47. (in Russ.)

Velichko A. A., Faustova M. A., Pisareva V. V., Karpukhina N. V. History of the Scandinavian ice sheet and surrounding landscapes during Valday ice age and the Holocene // Ice and Snow. 2017. Vol. 57. № 3. P. 391-416. (in Russ.)