Targulian Viktor

Chief Research Scientist
targulian [at] igras.ru
votargulian [at] gmail.com
Department of Soil Geography and Evolution

Research interests

Soil Genesis and Geography, soil formation, evolution and weathering in humid regions, paleopedology, general theory of pedology. Study areas: Arctic, mountain East Siberia, Far East, Kamchatka, Caucasus, Russian plain, Polinesia, Seishels

Selected publications

  1. Mergelov, N.S., Shorkunov, I.G., Targulian, V.O., Dolgikh, A.V., Abrosimov, K.N., Zazovskaya, E.P., & Goryachkin, S.V. Soil-like Patterns Inside the Rocks: Structure, Genesis, and Research Techniques. In: Biogenic-Abiogenic Interactions in Natural and Anthropogenic Systems. Springer International Publishing, 2016. P. 205-222.
  2. Sedov S., Sycheva S., Targulian V., Pi T., Díaz J. Last Interglacial paleosols with Argic horizons in Upper Austria and Central Russia: pedogenetic and paleoenvironmental inferences from comparison with the Holocene analogues // Quaternary Science Journal, Volume 62. Number 1. 2013. 44–58.
  3. Gracheva R.G., Targulian V.O.,  2012. The mineral matter metamorphism in humid areas: systematisation of specific pedogenic processes. In book “ Landscape geochemistry and soil geography. M. MGU Publich. House, p. 345-365 (in Russian)
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  6. Targulian V.O., Goryachkin S.V. 2008. Soil Memory Soil as a Memory of Biospher-Geosphere-Antroposphere Interactions. М. URSS. 680 р. (in Russian)
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