Chernyakov Gleb

Research Scientist
glchern [at]
Glaciology Department

Research interests

Mathematical modelling in glaciology and paleoclimatology

List of principal publications

  1. Sosnovskiy A.V., Osokin N.I., Chernyakov G.A. Impact of climate change on snow depth in forest and field areas in the first decade of the XXI century. Earth's Cryosphere. 2018. 22 (2): 91-100. [In Russian]. DOI: 10.21782/KZ1560-7496-2018-2(91-100)
  2. Sosnovsky A.V., Osokin N.I., Chernyakov G.A. Dynamics of snow storages in forests and fields of Russian plains under climate changes. Ice and Snow. 2018. 58 (2): 183–190. [In Russian]. DOI: 10.15356/2076-6734-2018-2-183-190
  3. Lavrentiev I.I., Kutuzov S.S., Glazovsky A.F., Macheret Yu.Ya., Osokin N.I., Sosnovsky A.V., Chernov R.A., Cherniakov G.A. Snow thickness on Austre Grønfjordbreen, Svalbard, from radar measurements and standard snow surveys. Ice and Snow. 2018. 58 (1): 5–20. [In Russian]. DOI: 10.15356/2076-6734-2018-1-5-20