Semenov Viktor

Senior Research Scientist
semV5 [at]
Department of Quaternary Research

Research interests

Geology, paleogeography, paleomagnetizm, magneto- and climatostratigraphy. Study areas: European plain, Middle Asia.

Selected Publication

Semenov V.V. Magnito-and climatostraphy correlation of loess-soil series of the Middle Asia and the East European plain //Fundamental problems of Quaternary: results and trends further researches.Proceding of the All-Russian Conference. Novosibirsk, 2009. P. 542 – 545.

Iossifova Yu.I., Agadzhanyan A.K, Pisareva V.V.Semenov V.V//  The Upper Don basin as stratoregion of the Middle Pleistocene of the Russion plain   //Reconstraction from palinology, climatostratigraphy and geoecology. Nedra. S-Pb, 2006. P.41 – 121.

A.A. Velichko, Semenov V.V, G.A.Pospelova T.D. Morozova et.all.  New Data on the Paleomagnetic Matuyama-Brunhes Boundary Position within of the loess-glacial formation on the  East European plain . Doklady Earth  Sciences. Vol. 386. № 7. 2002. Р.809 – 813.

Semenov V.V. Excursions of the Brunhes chrone in the multifacial deposits of Eastern Europe and their paleoclimatic significance  //Proceding of the International Scientific Coference. районов East Rostov-on-Don, 2001. P. 208-210.

KrasnenkovR.V., Semenov V.V. Pospelova G.A.Referece section of the Lod Krasnyi loess and soil formation of the Lower Pleistocene of the Don Riever) //Stratigraphy and Geological Correlation. N 6, 1999. Р. 386 – 395.

Iossifova Yu. I., Semenov V.V. Climate-stratigraphy of the Pre-Tiglian-Bavelian analoques in Central Russia (theDrainage Basin).  //The Dawn of the Qaternary – Climate-stratigraphy of the Pre- Tiglian – Bavelian analogues in Central Russia. N 60, 1998. P.327 – 338.

Krasnenkov R.V., Iossifova Yu.I., Semenov V.V. The Upper Don drainage basin – an important stratoregion for climatic stratigraphy  of the Early middle Pleistocene (the early neopleistocene) of Russia //Qaternary Geology and Paleogeography of Russia. Moscow: GEOS. 1997. P. 82 – 96.

Maudina M. I., Krasnovskaja F.I.,Semenov V.V. The Odintsovo stratotype  and problems of correlation of  Pleistocene deposits of the Central Region of the East European plain  //Geology and fossils minerals of the Central Regions of the East European plain. M: Sciences. 1986. P. 73 -84.

Lazarenko A.A., Bolikhovskaja N.S., Semenov V.V. An attempt of detailend subdivision loess series of the Tashkent region.  Earth Sciens. Series geol. N 5, 1980. P. 53 – 66