Kitaev Lev

Senior Research Scientist
+7 (499) 129-04-74
lkitaev [at]
Laboratory of Climatology

Research interests

The interaction of climate and surface characteristics in cold period:

- conjugation of spatial and temporal variability of surface air temperature, precipitation, atmospheric circulation indices variability of snow cover (including as part of the water balance), soil temperature, ice phenomena;

- features of the interaction study characteristics within different plant communities on a local and regional spatial scales;

- evaluation of the significance for methodological approaches to the satellite data using in studies of seasonal and long-term variability of the Earth's surface.

Selected publications

  • Kitaev L.M., Ableeva V.A., Asainova J.S. 2015. Influence of forest vegetation on the tendency of the local variability of snow cover // Proceedings of the Oka-Terrasny Reserve. Tula, “ Aquarius”, vol. 6, pp. 66-78. (In Russian with English abstract).
  • Second Assessment of Climate Change for the Baltic Sea Basin (Lev Kitaev as contributng autor) – International BALTEX II secretariat, Geesthacht, Germany, SPRINGER. 2015, 501 p.
  • Kitaev L.M. 2014. Variation of ice phenomena characteristics over Middle Volga basin // Proceedings of the VIII International scientific-practical conference "Dynamics and Thermal rivers, reservoirs and seas coastal zone." Moscow People's Friendship University, Vol. 1, pp. 411-423. (In Russian with English abstract).
  • Kitaev L.M., Titkova T.B. 2013. Connectivity of sea ice variability in the Arctic and winter meteorological characteristics of in northern Eurasia // Actual Problems of Remote Sensing of the Earth from space, Vol.10, N 3, pp. 179-192. (In Russian with English abstracts).
  • Kitaev L.M., Chernov R.A., Ableeva V.A., Korobov E.D. 2013. Indicative properties of snow cover (the results of experimental studies in the winter 2011/12 iIn the central part of the East European Plain) // Ice and Snow, № 4, pp. 67-73. (In Russian with English abstract).
  • Climate change in the Baltic Sea Area. HELCOM thematic assessment in 2013 (Lev Kitaev as contributing author) – Baltic Sea Environment Proceedings. HELKOM, ErwekoOy, Finland, ISSN 0357-2994. 2013, N 137, 66 p. (In Russian with English abstract).
  • Mächel H., B. Rudolf, T. Maurer, S. Hagemann, R. Hagenbrock, L. Kitaev, E.J. Førland, V. Rasuvaev and O.E. Tveito. 2012. Observed Hydrological Cycle // In: P. Lemke, and H.-W. Jacobi, (eds.), Arctic Climate Change: The ACSYS Decade and Beyond, Atmospheric and Oceanographic Sciences Library, Vol. 43, Part 1, 199-246, DOI: 10.1007/978-94-007-2027-5_5.
  • Kitaev L.M., Titkova T.B., Korobov E.D. 2012. The variability of snow accumulation and dynamics of soil temperature due to changes in local weather conditions // In "Long-term processes in the natural complexes of Russian reserves.". Ed. by N.A. Potemkin and A.S. Zheltukhin. Velikie Luki, Ltd. "Velikolukskaya city printing", ISBN 978-5-350-00273-7. pp. 19-26. (In Russian with English abstract).
  • Kitaev L.M., Trofimova L.B., Komarovskaya E.V., Danilovich I.S., Bildyug A.A. 2010. Long-term variability of precipitation and snow cover formation over East European Plain // Earth's Cryosphere, N 3, pp. 77-81. (In Russian with English abstract).