Popova Valeria

Senior Research Scientist
+7 (499) 129-04-74
valeria_popova [at] mail.ru
Laboratory of Climatology

Research interests

Climatology, diagnosisofclimatechanges, regional and spatial structure of climate variability and its atmospheric circulation factors, reaction of macro scale atmospheric circulation on climate related anomalies of surface characteristics, influence of climate changes on river run off, snow cover and permafrost

Selected publication

V.V. Popova, P.А. Morozova, T.B. Titkova, V.A. Semenov, E.A. Cherenkova, A.V. Shiryaeva, L.M. Kitaev. 2015. Regional features of present winter snow accumulation variability in the North Eurasia from data of observations, reanalysis and satellites. Ice and snow, № 4 (130), р. 73-86.

Popova V.V., Alexandr N. Zolotokrylin, Elena A. Cherenkova and Tatyana B. Titkova. Droughts in North Eurasia and Climate Warming: Regional Changes and Consequences. In: Environmental Change and the Social Response in the Amur River Basin. Series: International 42. Perspectives in Geography, Vol. 5. Haruyama, Shigeko, Shiraiwa, Takayuki (Eds.). 2015, VIII, 262 p., ISBN 978-4-431-55244-4. pp.129-148. DOI 10.1007/978-4-431-55245-1-6.

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Popova, V.V. Summertime warming in the European part of Russia and extreme heat in 2010 as manifestation of large-scale atmospheric circulation trends in the late 20th-early 21st centuries. Russian Meteorology and Hydrology. 2014. 39 (3), pp. 159.

Popova, V.V., A.V. Shiryaeva, P. A. Morozova.2014. Snow cover onset data in the north of Eurasia and their feedbac to the macro-scale atmospheric circulation. "Ice and Snow", No 3, pp. 39-50 (in Russian with English abstract).

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Popova V.V. 2006. Structure of long-term changes of snowstorage, their link with macroscale atmospheric circulation and reflection in a river runoff. In book: «Glaciation of Northern and Central Eurasia in the Contemporary Era». Moscow: Nauka Publishers. (in Russian)