Titkova Tatiana

Senior Research Scientist
+7 (499) 129-04-74
ttitkova [at] yandex.ru
Laboratory of Climatology

Research interests

Reaction of environment on climate change in transitional zones

Selected Publications

  • Vinogradova V.V., Titkova T.B., Cherenkova E.A. 2015. Dynamics of moisture and heat supply in transition landscaped areas and satellite and meteorological data at the beginning of the twenty-first century. // Modern problems of remote sensing of the Earth from space. T. 12, №2, pp. 162-172.
  • Titkova T.B., Vinogradova V.V., Mikhailov A.Y. 2015. Climatic Variations of Arctic Front in the warm season, and their manifestation in the northern landscapes // News Russian Academy of Sciences. geographic series. № 4, pp. 39-46.
  • Titkova T.B., Vinogradova V.V. 2015. Vegetation response to changes in climatic conditions in the boreal and sub-arctic landscapes in the beginning of XXI century // Modern problems of remote sensing of the Earth from space. T. 12. №3 pp. 75-86.
  • Zolotokrylin A.N., Mikhailov A.Y., Titkova T.B. 2015. Effect of heat inflow of Atlantic water to the Arctic climate anomalies in the Arctic. // Ice and snow. T.55. №3. pp.73-82.
  • Iryna Tereshchenko, Alexander N. Zolotokrylin, Elena A. Cherenkova, Cesar Octavio Monzón, Luis Brito-Castillo, and Tatiana B. Titkova. 2015. Changes in Aridity across Mexico in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century. Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology. Vol. 54, number 10. P. 2047-2062.
  • Popova V.V., Morozova P.A., Titkova T.B., Semenov V.A., Cherenkova E.A. Shiryaeva A.V., Kitaev L.M. 2015. Regional features of modern changes in winter accumulation of snow in northern Eurasia, according to observations, reanalysis and satellite measurements // Ice and Snow. T. 55, № 4, pp. 73-86.
  • Zolotokrylin A.N., Titkova T.B., Mikhailov A.Y. 2014. Climatic variations in the ice cover of the Arctic Front and the Barents Sea. // Ice and snow. №1. pp. 80-85.
  • Zolotokrylin A.N., Titkova T.B., Cherenkova E.A. 2014. Moisturize dry lands of European Russia: Present and Future // Arid ecosystems. T. 20. № 2 (59). pp. 5-12.
  • Zolotokrylin A.N., Trofimov, Titkova T.B. 2014. Evaluation of the ecological state of the "norm" of arid pastures of geobotanical and MODIS data // Modern problems of remote sensing of the Earth from space. T. 11, №2, pp. 197-207.
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  • Zolotokrylin A.N., Titkova T.B. 2011. A new approach to the monitoring of desertification. // Arid ecosystems. Volume 17. number 3 (48), pp 14-22.
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  • Zolotokrylin A.N., Titkova T.B. 2010. Climate Dynamics conditioned steppe, steppe and semi-desert vegetation, Russia and Kazakhstan.// News Russian Academy of Sciences. Ser.geogr. №2. pp.40-48.
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