Zolotokrylin Alexander

Senior Research Scientist
+7 (499) 129-04-74
azolotokrylin1938 [at] yandex.ru
Laboratory of Climatology

Current research interests

Desertification, reactionofvegetationonclimatechange

Selected papers

  • Zolotokrylin A.N., Gunin P.D., Titkova T.B., Bazha S.N., Danzahalova E.V., Kazantzeva T.I. 2015. Dynamics of Desertification of Mongolian Arid Pastures using of Field and MODIS-data. Proc. of the International Conference ” Ecosystems of Central Asia under CurrentConditions of Socio-Economic Development.” Vol.2. September 8-10, 2015. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. P.406-410.
  • Сherenkova E., Semenova I., Bardin M., Zolotokrylin A. 2015. Drought and GrainYields over the East European Plain under Influence of Quasibiennial Oscillation of Global Atmospheric Processes. International Journal of Atmospheric Sciences. ID 932474, pp. 1-11.
  • Popova V.V., Zolotokrylin A.N., Cherenkova E.A., Titkova T.B. 2015. Droughts in North Eurasia and Climate Warming: Regional Changes and Consequences/ Enviromental Change and the Social Response in the Amur River Basin. Eds. S.Haruyama, T.Shiraiwa. Springer, Vol.5. PP.129-148. DOI 10.1007/978-4-431-55245-1-6.
  • Tereshchenko I., Zolotokrylin A., Cherenkova E., Monzon C., Brito-Castillo L., Titkova T. 2015. Changes in Aridity across Mexico in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century. Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology. 54, pp. 2047-2062. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1175/JAMC-D-14-0207.1
  • Zolotokrylin A.N., Titkova T.B., and Cherenkova E.A. 2014. Humidification of Drylands in European Russia the Present and Future // Arid Ecosystems, Vol.4, No.2, pp. 49-54.
  • Zolotokrylin A.N., Titkova T.B., Ulanova S.S., Fedorova N.L. 2013. Ground-Based and Satellite Investigation of Production of Pastures in Kalmykia That Vary in Degree of Vegetation Degradation. Arid Ecosystems, vol.3, No.4, pp. 212-219.
  • Zolotokrylin A.N., Titkova T.B. 2012. Satellite Climate Extremes Index of Drylands // Arid Ecosystems, Vol. 2. No. 4, pp. 203-208.
  • Tereshchenko I., Zolotokrylin A.N., Titkova T.B., Brito-Castillo L., Monzon C.O. 2012. Seasonal variation of Surface Temperature-Modulating Factors in the Sonoran Desert in Northwestern Mexico. J. Appl. Meteor. Climatol. Vol. 51, pp. 1519-1530.
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